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Introducing our Adjuvant Systems Platform

Our next instalment of the Croda Pharma blog looks at our Adjuvant Systems platform. Keep reading to learn more about how we can support both your current and future needs for vaccine formulations.

Adjuvant systems

Addressing the challenges of vaccine formulation

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Adjuvant systems

Adjuvant Systems

Your partner for modern vaccine development. Our unique GMP portfolio and outstanding expertise can meet your adjuvant needs. Collaborate with our scientists to create the vaccines of tomorrow.

Leveraging a history of developing adjuvants since 1939, we pride ourselves in being an innovative and reliable partner for our customers. For this reason, we are a trusted leader with widely recognised brands in the vaccine industry, such as Alhydrogel, Adju-Phos and Quil-A.

Your trusted adjuvant partner, today and tomorrow

With over 80 years of experience our scientists deliver high quality adjuvants to meet your vaccine formulation needs today. Beyond today we want to meet your formulation needs of the future. Our extensive expertise in immunology and formulation of adjuvant systems means we can partner with you to develop the next generation of vaccines, adapting to your requirements. We use our manufacturing experience to turn novel technologies into commercial GMP products, driven by our purpose to use ‘smart science to improve lives


Our adjuvant portfolio 

We offer a diverse portfolio of technologies at the highest of production standards. With extensive experience in cGMP manufacturing, we manufacture high quality mineral adjuvants, and saponins. We are constantly working to expand our adjuvant offering to meet market needs and enable the fight against pathogens and enable the development of modern therapeutic vaccines also.


Our adjuvant development pipeline - Cationic Adjuvant Formulation CAF®

Our adjuvant offering has expanded to offer two CAF adjuvants CAF01 and CAF09b, both showing promise for use in novel vaccines in early life and cancer immunotherapy trials respectively. If you would like to learn more about CAF or any of our other adjuvant offering contact us here.

This pipeline technology, CAF®, aims to address the weak cell mediated immunity response induced by vaccine antigens. The CAF technology platform is range of new, patented cell mediated immunity inducing cationic liposomal adjuvants.

The CAF range has a number of benefits including:


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- Ensure a strong co-localisation between the antigen and adjuvant – key for inducing T-cell immunity

- Prolonged exposure of the antigen to the immune system – improving the memory profiles of the induced         immunity

- Initial activation of the immune system is very localised to the injection site – reducing systemic side effects      associated with vaccinations e.g. fever and system pain


If you would like to learn more about immunostimulation and where adjuvant technology is headed listen to our webinar with Dr. Dennis Christensen on demand here.

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Croda Pharma: The future of novel excipients

The importance of excipients and their specialised role in formulation development has been recognised in recent years, whether that be for targeting delivery of the drug, aesthetics of the final formulation, or shelf life of the final drug product. Some excipients play a simple role in drug formulations while others require an excipient with different properties to perform their job properly.

Promising new results for metastatic prostate cancer vaccine

A new study1 published in Frontiers in Immunology reports promising vaccine results for patients with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. The researchers demonstrated that a vaccine formulation containing the novel adjuvant CAF®09b and a Bcl-XL-peptide was able to elicit potent CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses. The team believes these findings can have an influential impact on the future of prostate cancer treatment. Dennis Christensen, Croda's Head of Global R&D, says that the "data shows that CAF®09b is a promising adjuvant for antigen-specific cancer immunotherapies".

headshot of Dennis Christenson

Lipid Leaders: Dennis Christensen

In this Lipid Leaders interview, we get insight from Croda Pharma's own Global Head of R&D - Adjuvant Systems, Dennis Christensen, PhD. Keep reading to learn more about adjuvants and the role they play in vaccines, as well as where the technology may be heading.