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Croda International Plc (Croda) today announced that it has signed two new partnership agreements that will help the pharmaceutical industry move towards a more sustainable supply chain for vaccine adjuvants.

Two new partnerships to drive sustainable delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry

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Partnership agreement between Croda and AAHI to drive innovation in vaccine development

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Croda Pharma wins ‘Best Production/Process Development’ Award at the 17th annual Vaccine Industry Excellence awards

Croda Pharma has been awarded winner of a prestigious award for its process development for innovative ingredients, including its production of sustainably sourced Squalene to replace shark-derived...

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Partnership agreement between Croda and AAHI to drive innovation in vaccine development

19 March 2024: Croda International Plc (Croda) and The Access to Advanced Health Institute (AAHI) are pleased to announce today the signing of a partnership agreement around innovation and development...

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Croda Foundation announces it has sustainably improved the lives of 22.8 million people – exceeding its 2030 target.

Croda Foundation announces it has sustainably improved the lives of 22.8 million people –exceeding its 2030 target.

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Product Spotlight - Super Refined PEG 400

Super Refined PEG 400 is a highly purified solubiliser is an exemplary excipient in both small molecule and protein formulations containing the most sensitive APIs for treatments of a range of...

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Specializing in specific enhancement technologies

Croda Pharma specializes in four technologies aimed at improving bioavailability and solubility. Find out more!

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Explore our latest downloads!

Check out the latest resources from Croda Pharma, available to download today.

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Hear directly from our experts...

Watch our expert Dr. Kritika Bajaj discuss our product range in more detail and learn how Virodex™ could be the solution to your replacement requirement.

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Concerns about Triton™ X-100 have been an ongoing discussion across multiple regulatory authorities around the world

Triton™ X-100, a non-ionic surfactant with a hydrophilic polyethylene oxide chain and a hydrophobic aromatic group1, has found widespread use in the biopharmaceutical industry with applications...

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World Cancer Day Banner

“Close the Care Gap” – World Cancer Day 2024

We are proud to continue supporting the development of cancer treatments, and on this World Cancer Day, recognise the importance of innovation and science to cure and treat those diagnosed. Together,...

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Kritika Bajaj, Croda Pharma

Spotlight on Kritika Bajaj

Highlighting the scientists and teams who are involved in our latest product launch, Virodex™, replacements for Triton™ X-100, we sat down with Kritika Bajaj and asked her about her involvement around...

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Croda’s response to Sustainable Markets Initiative for supplier sustainability targets

The recent open letter from the Sustainable Markets Initiative Health Systems Task Force called for Healthcare supply chains to become greener, more efficient and circular and set out a series of...

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Sustainability for vaccines: Decarbonisation of one of our key sites

Sustainability is often defined as meeting the needs of those alive today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is a long-term goal that covers three pillars:...

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A powerful match - celebrating three years of Croda Pharma and Avanti

Today marks three years since we acquired Avanti Polar Lipids. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the combination of Avanti's lipid expertise and our manufacturing scale-up capability...

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Introducing new bioprocessing solutions to replace banned materials

We have introduced a critical range of new bioprocessing detergents optimised for viral inactivation and cell lysis. The company’s new product range, Virodex™, offers an answer to the key market need...

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Cholesterol: enhancing stability and efficacy in lipid-based drug delivery

Cholesterol, a key component in lipid-based drug delivery systems, provides structural support and stability, enhances the efficiency of intracellular delivery and gene transfection.

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Solus acquisition

Acquisition of Solus Biotech expands specialised Pharma business in Asia

05 July 2023: Croda International Plc (‘Croda’) announced that it has acquired Solus Biotech, a global leader in premium, biotechnology-derived materials, from Solus Advanced Materials

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Solus manufacturing site

Acquisition of Solus Biotech strengthens Croda Pharma

On 04 July Croda successfully completed the acquisition of Solus Biotech, an innovative biotechnology company with over three decades of industry experience.

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Daniele Piergentili ribbon cutting

Croda opens new Global Technical Centre at Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India

PRESS RELEASE – On June 21, 2023, Croda International Plc opened its new Global Technical Centre at Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India.

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Image of Croda employees, breaking ground at new site in Lamar, Pennsylvania

Croda breaks ground on new manufacturing facility for pharmaceutical excipients in Lamar, Pennsylvania

31st May 2023: Croda, Inc., the company that uses smart science to create high-performance ingredients and solutions that improve lives, broke ground on 9 May 2023, its newest manufacturing facility...

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liquid being dropped into tube with purple wash over image

From Triton X-100 to Virodex: exploring our innovative solution to the Triton X-100 ban

For those who have previously relied on Triton™ X-100 as a surfactant or detergent in their manufacturing processes there is now an urgent need to find a suitable replacement. Explore Croda's...

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