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Welcome to the Croda Pharma news and blog area - your information hub to keep up to date with our latest news, product launches, insightful blog posts, case studies and much more.

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Women in STEM - Maths

Women in STEM - Maths

Meet some of the women in maths-facing roles across our business as part of our Women in STEM series.

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Meet some of the women in engineering roles across Croda Pharma as part of our Women in STEM series.

Women in STEM - Engineering

Meet some of the women in engineering roles across our business as part of our Women in STEM series.

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Smashing stereotypes women in tech

Women in STEM - Technology

Meet some of the women in technology roles across our business as part of our Women in STEM series.

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Women in the lab

#SmashingStereotypes - our take!

As part of British Science Week, BSA are aiming to smash stereotypes through interviewing a diverse range of scientists. Who do you think of when you picture a scientist?

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Olivia Lennon-Butler, Pharma Key Accounts in the UK & Ireland, ED&I Education and Comms Lead, Croda

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is marked on the 8th March and highlights a number of missions to help forge a gender equal world, by celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility while calling...

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Lipidic Pro-Drugs

Lipids in Small-Molecule Pro-Drugs

Lipids are used in therapeutics in many ways. Some lipids have even been used as small-molecule drugs to treat specific diseases, and are also being used to improve undesirable characteristics of...

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Vet examining dog and cat.

Our Veterinary Health Division within Croda Pharma

We are Croda Pharma’s veterinary health division. We are the global partner for high quality excipients, adjuvant systems and formulation support for the animal health industry, and we are...

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Croda Pharma welcomes Dave Cherry

We warmly welcome Dave Cherry as our new Global Managing Director. David brings with him past experiences from his work with the wider Life Sciences Leadership Team and healthcare markets, which is...

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Adjuvant systems

Introducing our Adjuvant Systems Platform

Introducing our Adjuvant Systems platform. Leveraging a history of developing adjuvants since 1939, our scientists deliver high performance adjuvants to meet your vaccine needs today.

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World Cancer Day 2023

World Cancer Day, observed on the 4th February is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and improving...

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lab technician image

Croda Pharma: The future of novel excipients

The importance of excipients and their specialised role in formulation development has been recognised in recent years, whether that be for targeting delivery of the drug, aesthetics of the final...

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Dr. Stephen Rumbelow, Life Sciences Research Fellow, Croda Inc.

Expert Q&A - Dr Stephen Rumbelow:

Formulating a drug for parenteral delivery comes with its fair set of challenges. Aside from a high level of sensitivity to external factors like light and heat exposure, these large and complex drugs...

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Dr Stephen Burgess PHD, Head of Nucleic Acid Delivery, Croda Pharma, Avanti Polar Lipids

Lipid technology for delivery of gene editing therapies

Gene-editing is one of the most eagerly anticipated biopharma developments in recent history. However, one of the biggest hurdles to the development of successful gene-editing therapeutics is...

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super refined excipients image

Excipient sustainability - A user and a supplier perspective

To achieve their sustainability ambitions excipient users need to access excipients produced with lower embedded GHG emissions, little or no waste produced and with minimal impact on water quality and...

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image of Christopher Bannister-Bailey, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Croda

International Human Solidarity Day

As part of Croda’s commitment to being Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030 we have developed targets linked to the UN SDGs. This blog post will focus on our People Positive commitment. We sat...

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Qualifying the EXCiPACT Certification Scheme

There has always been a regulatory requirement for Pharmaceutical manufacturers to audit their starting material suppliers, but with increasing and sustained use of 3rd party audit solutions,...

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Foam cell, macrophage cells that contain lipid droplets and are components of atherosclerotic plaque

Things to consider when choosing a cationic lipid for your formulation

Lipid-based therapeutic delivery systems have been evolving for many years. From delivering naked mRNA, to using liposomes, and now lipid nanoparticles,

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Image of Hannah Gorman

International Volunteer Day - Croda's STEM Programme

In light of International Volunteer Day on the 5th of December, we highlight the Croda STEM Programme, founded on our purpose of using 'Smart science to improve lives'

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lipid nanoparticle cross section

Innovative lipids for your nucleic acid delivery research

Lipid-based therapeutic delivery systems have been evolving for many years. From delivering naked mRNA, to using liposomes, and now lipid nanoparticles,

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Small molecule delivery

Introducing our Small Molecule Delivery platform

Our offering for Small Molecule Delivery focuses on tackling your formulation challenges and enhancing drug delivery through our high purity Super Refined™ excipients. Over the years, enhancing...

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