Smart science to improve lives™
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Empowering biologics delivery

Unlocking future therapies

We're enabling drug delivery through high purity excipients and next generation lipids and adjuvants to tackle your solubility and stability challenges

We're developing the next generation of excipients for human and veterinary applications

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We’re committed to investing in the next generation of excipients you need. Our teams work with you to troubleshoot formulations and develop research grade and GMP excipient solutions. Purity is our forte across our multi-compendial, GMP grade materials.

Formulate the future with Croda Pharma. Unlock sustainable ingredients for vaccines

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Human and veterinary pharmaceuticals

Our purpose, Smart science to improve lives™, is at the core of our human and veterinary market strategy. We support the pharmaceutical market by developing high purity excipients which enhance delivery, efficacy, and stability of actives. We also manufacture industry leading high purity vaccine adjuvants and innovative lipids.
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Consumer Health

Explore our excipients for the Consumer Health market that will aid in developing innovative products to meet changing consumer needs and market trends. Learn how we can help you grow your product brand by offering quality specialty ingredients developed for the OTC, oral hygiene, and human nutrition markets.
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Decades of driving biopharma forward

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1st supplier of lipids for COVID-19 mRNA vaccine View
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Winner of Best Supplier for COVID-19 Vaccine Development 2022 View
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Customising lipids since 1950 View
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Smart science to improve lives™

Your pharma solutions partner:

  • High purity excipients: Optimising the performance of formulations to solve your stability and solubility challenges
  • Vaccine adjuvants: Committed to the highest standards, with 80+ years of expertise in adjuvant research and development
  • Innovative lipids: Enabling the delivery and stability of nucleic acid-based vaccines, therapeutics and gene editing technology. 

We are committed to enabling the next generation of drug delivery systems, so by partnering with Croda Pharma, you are in safe hands.


Your pharma solutions partner

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Unparalleled purity excipients

Tackle your stability challenges with unparalleled excipients of purity tailored to your needs, across all administration routes
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Formulate and troubleshoot faster

Create tailored excipient solutions by working directly in partnership with our scientists to accelerate your development timelines

Regulatory expertise

Our regulatory and quality specialists are practised in supporting the use of novel and innovative excipients in a variety of formulations
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The race to beat COVID-19

As COVID-19 surged across the world, our team fought against time to get critical materials ready for the worlds leading vaccines.

Watch the story unfold in our mini documentary.

Read about our latest investments in vaccines
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Highlighting the scientists and teams who are involved in our latest product launch, Virodex™, replacements for Triton™ X-100, we sat down with Kritika Bajaj and asked her about her involvement around...

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Croda’s response to Sustainable Markets Initiative for supplier sustainability targets

The recent open letter from the Sustainable Markets Initiative Health Systems Task Force called for Healthcare supply chains to become greener, more efficient and circular and set out a series of...

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Sustainability for vaccines: Decarbonisation of one of our key sites

Sustainability is often defined as meeting the needs of those alive today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is a long-term goal that covers three pillars:...

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A powerful match - celebrating three years of Croda Pharma and Avanti

Today marks three years since we acquired Avanti Polar Lipids. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the combination of Avanti's lipid expertise and our manufacturing scale-up capability...

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