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QS 21

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A powerful immunostimulatory saponin that acts as a potent vaccine adjuvant, QS 21 can stimulate both cell-mediated (Th1) and humoral (Th2) immune responses.

QS 21 is derived from the soap-bark tree (Quillaja saponaria Molina) native to South America. It is a specific fraction of our Quil-A™ saponin mixture, selected for its rich source of triterpenoid saponins, potent immunogenicity, and low reactogenicity.

The popularity of saponin-based adjuvants is a testament to their unique immunological profile. QS 21 is currently utilised in commercial vaccines against shingles and malaria. It is a key component in the ongoing development of various vaccine candidates, for conditions such as melanoma, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.

With amphiphilic properties, QS 21 can be formulated with lipids to dramatically reduce cell lysis. In turn, this allows for strong control of potential side effects in final formulations.

Finding the right adjuvant for your needs requires a discussion. Our catalogue contains the components you need to perfect your formula. Work with us.

Our QS 21 is manufactured according to GMP requirements and is intended for investigational use only.

Product details

Chemical group

  • Purified quillaja saponin

Administration route

  • Vaccine adjuvant

Market application

  • Human vaccines


  • Vaccine adjuvant

Physical form

  • Water-soluble lyophilised powder