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Adjuvant GMP certificates

View and download the GMP certificates on the right hand side from the two sites; Croda Denmark Elsenbakken and Smedetoften. 

Manufacturing and Importation Authorisation

267.2 KB

Human / Elsenbakken DK H 10000238

101.4 KB

Veterinary / Smedetoften DK V 1000240

101.6 KB

Human / Smedetoften DK H 100000241

101.2 KB

EU GDP for API REG100000 DK APIGDP 10000242

38.9 KB

EU API Registration REG-100000

36.3 KB

Veterinary / Elsenbakken DK V 1000239

100.5 KB

Human Investigational Medicinal Products / Smedetoften DK IMP 10000285

101.2 KB
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