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We offer an extensive product offering to meet the needs for our customers, whether they are in drug substance manufacturing or formulation development. With an ever increasing list of high purity specialty ingredients, we are proud to be your partner in bringing drug products to market. Alongside the product range, we have extensive expertise in working with our products in their various applications, and actively work with customers to solve any issues they are facing, whether it be stabilising a difficult drug, delivering the drug to its intended site of action, or prolonging drug product shelf life through the use of high purity ingredients.

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Controlled release

Controlled release drug delivery systems

Controlled release drug delivery systems are beneficial in both topical and oral dosage forms. Find out how liquid crystal emulsification systems and glycerol mono-oleates can be used for sustained active delivery, resulting in numerous benefits for consumers.

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Emollients and skin hydration

We offer a comprehensive selection of emollients to meet your topical formulation needs, from esters and ethers to lanolin and lanolin derivatives and Super Refined™ vegetable oils.

Film forming polymers

Film forming polymers

OleoCraft™ oil structuring polymers create films on the skin, delivering water and wear resistant benefits to topically applied products, via the oil and OleoCraft polymer matrix formed on the skin surface.

Foam cell, macrophage cells that contain lipid droplets and are components of atherosclerotic plaque


Avanti is primarily focused on developing innovative lipid-based products to address specific medical challenges that are not resolved by current technology or drug products.

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Omega 3 APIs

With an established record of success in API Omega 3 and an unmatched reputation for customer focus, we are able to meet the full spectrum of requirements and help you meet your project goals. ​

Penetration enhancer

Penetration enhancers

Our penetration enhancers deliver more of your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the target location in order to improve product efficacy and lower API costs.

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Pharmaceutical excipients

Excipients are more than just fillers in a final drug product. They are functional ingredients, providing key benefits such as solubilisation, stabilisation, delivery enhancement, and formulation preservation.

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Pharmaceutical solvents

Achieving API solubility is one of the big challenges faced by formulators, with many APIs having low solubility. Our range of Super Refined pharmaceutical solvents can address this challenge, providing a range of polar and non-polar solvents that not only provide solubility, but also excellent stability for APIs.

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PureMax is a seal of quality, which guarantees confidence in your nutritional purchase. The values below explain more about the core beliefs that the PureMax brand represents.

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SEDDS and SMEDDS drug delivery systems are mixtures of oils, surfactants, solvents, and drug substance that rapidly and spontaneously form oil-in-water emulsions or microemulsions when introduced into aqueous phases under gentle agitation.

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Skin Barrier Repair

The skin is the body’s primary defense mechanism against outside agents, and its integrity is of primary importance to ensure skin moisturisation, protection, and delivery.

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Super Refined™ excipients

Our Super refined™ range of excipients ensure your formulations are stable, effective and consistent.

Croda Pharma SR PEG 400

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How we empower biologics delivery

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Enabling breakthrough innovation

Dedicated to developing the next generation of excipients and delivery systems to empower biopharma
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Access to specialist formulation support

Enabling over 250 on-going clinical projects targeting a range of therapeutic areas across biologics and small molecules
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Focused scientific expertise

Leading the way with specialist knowledge and synthesis expertise in excipients, adjuvants and lipids