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Excipients for use in cannabidiol (CBD) formulations

Cannabinoids can be used to aid treatment of ailments, such as anxiety, chronic and neurological pains, sleep disorders, stress, seizures, joint pain and inflammation, acne as well as nausea. They offer a wide variety of therapeutic benefits to the user and is non-toxic in nature with minimal side-effects.

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How we are meeting the trends using Super Refined™ excipient product solutions

The demand for CBD in therapeutic products (or applications) is a growing trend, ease of administration and the rise in emphasis on self-sufficient, home-based healthcare is driving fast paced growth.

Our Super Refined excipients can save time and money in the form of faster development times, resulting in increased speed to market, a prolonged shelf-life of your final product, and finally lower development costs. Starting with a pure, high-quality pharmaceutical excipient to create your final product can lead to positive impacts from the start of the process through to finish; providing priceless benefits.

Discover our Super Refined product solutions for CBD formulations

Recommended products for oral delivery formulations:

CBD Solubility Guide

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Super Refined™ Sesame Oil

Sesame-derived triglyceride that has been Super Refined™ to remove impurities. Purified to yield a water-white, odourless, neutral non-polar lipid with a low peroxide value. Its major use is as a...


Super Refined™ Corn Oil

Corn-derived triglyceride that has been Super Refined™ to remove impurities. Purified to yield a water-white, odourless, neutral non-polar lipid with a low peroxide value. Ideal for use in...


Super Refined™ Polysorbate 80

Super Refined Polysorbates solubilise and stabilise the most sensitive active ingredients across dosage forms including injectable and oral. Super Refining removes impurities (including primary and...

Super Refined Sesame Oil offers a low taste consumer benefit.
Super Refined Corn Oil offers a low taste consumer benefit.
Super Refined Polysorbate 80 offers an extreme difference in taste compared to standard Polysorbate 80.
Our formulation experts can provide inspiration to support your formulation development.

Our Super Refined excipients offer many consumer benefits:

Oral delivery

  • Reduced taste impact
  • Low odour
  • High quality
  • High purity
  • Low colour
  • Topical delivery.

Reduced skin irritation:

  • High quality
  • High purity
  • Low colour
  • Recommended products for topical / transdermal formulations  
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Super Refined™ DMI

High purity liquid for use with poorly soluble hydrophilic and hydrophobic actives. Enhances the formulation and API stability in transdermal delivery systems. Recommended topical usage levels of...


Super Refined™ Oleic Acid

Highly purified oleic acid is used as a co-emulsifier in topical pharmaceutical formulations. Ideal for nasal drug delivery and as a penetration enhancer in transdermal formulations. In addition, it...


Super Refined™ DEGEE

Super Refined DEGEE is a multi-compendial, high purity glycol ether. This clear, colourless liquid demonstrates outstanding permeation enhancement and improved delivery and bioavailability for topical...

Super Refined DMI improves spreading, enhances the delivery of actives. 
Super Refined Oleic Acid improves drug delivery into the skin and reduces skin irritation. 
Super Refined DEGEE enhances the permeation of poorly water-soluble API’s.
Did you find what you are looking for? Our formulation experts can help to guide you in the right direction on which penetration enhancer to choose.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you overcome your CBD formulation challenges, whether it is poor stability or low permeability that you are struggling with, we are excited to help you understand and experience what the Super Refined solution has to offer.

CBD Case study image for topical oils and creams - increased penetration
woman applying cream to back and shoulder

Oils and creams are the preferred format for CBD, they require oil soluble permeation enhancers and ideally avoid water-based products, which will cause CBD to precipitate out.
woman applying cream to upper arm and back

Super Refined™ IPM is shown to increase permeation of pain relief drugs eg. lidocaine. Super Refined IPM is oil soluble. Super Refined IPM is an emollient and solvent with good spreading properties
woman applying cream between shoulder blades

Pack claim unlocked:

  • Increased penetration.

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SEDDS and SMEDDS drug delivery systems are mixtures of oils, surfactants, solvents, and drug substance that rapidly and spontaneously form oil-in-water emulsions or microemulsions when introduced into aqueous phases under gentle agitation.