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A novel liposomal adjuvant used in cancer immunotherapy trials, CAF09b has the capacity to facilitate the production of CD8+ T-cells.

CAF09b is a liposomal adjuvant delivery system developed by Statens Serum Institut (SSI.) Fully synthetic, it is comprised of lipid surfactants (DDA and MMG) and the TLR3 agonist poly(I:C).

CAF09b is known for its powerful capacity to stimulate cytotoxic T-cell responses, particularly if administered via an intraperitoneal route - making it an excellent candidate for cancer immunotherapy! Research has demonstrated that CAF09b has proven safety and better stability compared to poly(I:C), the most used adjuvant in cancer vaccine trials.

Preclinical studies indicate CAF09b could be a potent adjuvant for mucosal applications directly priming the immune response.

Currently, CAF09b is used in clinical trials for cancer immunotherapy (such as prostate cancer) and vaccines for malaria, tuberculosis, and influenza.

Our CAF range also includes CAF01, opening possibilities for new prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. Our exclusive partnership with SSI enables you to access these patented formulations for your development needs.

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Product details

Chemical group

  • Liposome

Administration route

  • Vaccine adjuvant

Market application

  • Human vaccines
  • Veterinary vaccines


  • Vaccine adjuvant

Physical form

  • Gel-phase