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A versatile immunostimulatory saponin that’s widely used as a potent veterinary adjuvant, Quil-A can work against both intra- and extra-cellular pathogens, stimulating innate and Th-mediated adaptive immune responses.

Manufactured for over 40 years (as part of the acquired Brenntag Biosector,) Quil-A is part of Croda’s veterinary adjuvant portfolio. This natural extract is from the bark of the Quillaja Saponaria Molina tree. It is purified and contains a concentrated and heterogeneous mixture of over 100 saponin components. It has a strong affinity for cholesterol and can combine to form cage-like immunostimulating complexes (ISCOMs). They are known to stimulate strong cellular and humoral immune responses.

Quil-A is used in various veterinary vaccines, for farm animals as well as companion animals, for example, cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, cats, and dogs.

Quil-A is not applicable to human vaccines due to its toxicity profile. For human vaccine applications, look at QS 21, our potent immunostimulatory saponin derived from Quil-A.

Our catalogue contains the components you need to perfect your formula. Work with us.

Our Quil-A is intended for use in veterinary vaccines only.

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Product details

Chemical group

  • Purified quillaja saponin

Administration route

  • Vaccine adjuvant

Market application

  • Active component of ISCOM
  • Active component of nanoparticle adjuvants
  • Raw material for other saponin fractions
  • Veterinary vaccines


  • Vaccine adjuvant

Physical form

  • Water-soluble lyophilised powder