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Pharmaceutical Solubility Guide

As API solubility continues to present challenges for the pharmaceutical formulator, Croda has determined the solubility of a range of actives in a number of Croda’s high purity excipients. This baseline of information can provide you, the scientist, with a clearer starting point for your development work.

Within this chart, the solubility of 14 drug actives was determined using a range of Croda excipients for the purpose of demonstrating their capabilities to solubilise APIs.

Total solubility of the selected drug actives were determined in the listed excipients and the appropriate solubility descriptors were applied using FDA recommended guidelines.

Please select actives below:

% Drug Recovery Key:

Very Soluble (V/S) - 50.00 - 100%

Freely Soluble (F/S) - 10.00 - 49.99%

Soluble (S) - 3.30 - 9.99%

Sparingly Soluble (S/S) - 1.00 - 3.29%

Slightly Soluble (S/S) - 0.10 - 0.99%

Very Slightly Soluble (V/S/S) - 0.01 - 0.09%

Practically Insoluble (P/I) - <0.01%