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High purity excipients for parenteral drug delivery

Parenteral and injectable dosage forms pose unique challenges in comparison to other administration routes. While systemic administration offers advantages in terms of absorption and the elimination of first pass metabolism, these benefits are associated with challenges too.

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Super Refined™ excipients for parenteral drug delivery

Parenteral formulation frequently faces limitations associated with drug stability and poor solubility. Drug compatibility and the minimum concentration of drug required to produce the targeted pharmacological effect are key to excipient selection. 

Your partner for parenteral formulations:

  • Access specialised technical support to navigate and address your formulation challenges
  • Explore our extensive offering of high purity, multi-compendial excipients listed by the FDA Inactive Ingredients Database as suitable for parenteral administration 
  • Our Super RefinedTM products add value to your parenteral drug formulations, reducing API degradation and aiding in successful formulation development.

Reduced API costs for parenteral formulations

Our technical experts have reformulated a range of APIs with our Super Refined excipients, demonstrating a significantly higher percentage of API is retained over time when compared to formulation with standard pharmaceutical grade excipients. Reducing the degradation of your API in formulation lowers your API costs due to a decrease in the minimum efficient concentration required to produce the desired pharmacological effect over the shelf life of your product. 

By reducing API degradation, less API is required per dose to reach the efficient concentration to produce the desired pharmacological effect. This not only improves the shelf life of your product but also reduces API costs.

Improving product safety profiles for parenteral delivery

The removal of polar impurities reduces API/excipient interactions, minimising the presence of API degradation products. 

Lengthening product shelf lives 

Super Refined excipients have been demonstrated to outperform their standard compendial grade counterparts. Our excipients extend the stability of APIs over significantly longer time periods and reduce API oxidation potential – increasing drug stability. 

Improving patient comfort for parenteral delivery

Our Super Refined products improve patient comfort through minimising cellular irritation and allergenic reaction potential. 

Injectable delivery of small molecules

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Super Refined™ excipients for parenteral drug delivery

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Super Refined™ pharmaceutical excipients

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Injectable delivery of small molecules

Discover our vast portfolio of parenteral offerings used specifically in the injectable delivery of small molecules. 

One category of our injectable excipient portfolio includes lipids. Lipid excipients play a pivotal role in enhancing the parenteral delivery of small molecule APIs by facilitating the formation of liposomes. Liposomes provide a stable and biocompatible carrier system for the encapsulation and solubilization of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic drug compounds. This unique capability not only improves the drug's bioavailability but also ensures a controlled and sustained release, optimizing therapeutic outcomes.

Liposomal drug delivery has shown proven efficacy in various small molecule applications, including pain management drugs as well as cancer therapies. The ability of liposomes to encapsulate drugs makes them an ideal choice for targeted delivery, addressing the specific challenges associated with these critical therapeutic areas. Our dedicated focus on developing cutting-edge lipid excipients underscores our commitment to advancing the field of injectable drug delivery, providing pharmaceutical developers with reliable solutions for formulating next-generation small molecule drugs.

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Vaccine adjuvants

Our range of vaccine adjuvants can support your injectable formulation

Adjuvants are used in vaccines to accelerate, prolong, or enhance antigen-specific immune responses. Adjuvants help to raise an early, long-lasting and efficient immune response, increasing vaccine efficacy and providing a high degree of protection against the disease against which you are vaccinating. 

Adjuvants enable you to reach the same level of immune protecting protection with fewer injections or a lower dose than when vaccinating with the non-adjuvanted antigen alone. (This  can result in better patient compliance – less side effects/more likely to finish course if fewer vaccines are required). 

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We offer high purity, multi-compendial, pharmaceutical excipients for small molecule drug delivery. Our portfolio of high purity excipient products and speciality chemistries solve formulation challenges and enhance drug delivery across a variety of administration routes and dosage forms.

Super Refined™ excipients

Super Refined excipients are stripped of a number of oxidative impurities, such as peroxides, aldehydes, and catalyst residues. The removal of these problematic species helps to reduce negative API & excipient interactions, maintaining both the stability of the drug and the final formulation. In addition, the removal of these impurities can minimise cellular irritation, reduce taste impact, and potentially decrease allergenicity. 

We have a large variety of products, ranging from various polysorbates, polyethylene glycols (PEG), esters, vegetable oils, and more. 
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Our Super Refined products offer…

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Lengthened product shelf lives

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Improved product safety profiles and patient comfort

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Reduced API costs

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