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High purity excipients for topical drug delivery

Our extensive experience in skin science has led to the development of innovative ingredients that enhance the efficacy and patient perception of topical pharmaceuticals. Our topical excipients include drug delivery systems, skin penetration enhancers, solubilisers, emulsifiers and emollients.

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Super Refined™ excipients for topical drug delivery

Common issues affecting topical formulation include active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) instability, poor API solubilisation, and skin irritation that can lead to reduced patient compliance. Our Super Refined excipients address these formulation concerns and maximise the value of your topical drug product.

High purity excipients for topical drug delivery

Our proprietary Super Refining process yields highly purified excipients that can maximise drug product value and are indicated to stabilise, solubilise and optimise the active ingredients in the formulation.

Maximising API stability 

To demonstrate enhanced API stability, we monitored the percentage of the API lidocaine that could be recovered over time when incorporated into Super Refined Crodamol™ OO (oleyl oleate) versus standard compendial oleyl oleate. It can be seen that lidocaine maintains its integrity and stability far better in Super Refined Crodamol OO, with significantly less API being recovered from standard compendial grade oleyl oleate.

Maximising oxidative stability 

To demonstrate oxidative stability, the peroxide value of Super Refined Crodamol OO was compared to standard compendial grade oleyl oleate over a 40 day study in accelerated ageing temperatures. It was noted that the Super Refined excipient maintained a low peroxide value while the standard compendial grade exhibited an approximate 70-fold increase in peroxide value, indicating that it has undergone significant primary oxidation.

Your partner for topical formulations 

The efficacy of our dermatological ingredients is demonstrated by clinical studies across a range of therapies including skin hydration and barrier repair applications, emollient therapy and wound healing.

Super Refined™ pharmaceutical excipients

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Small Molecule Delivery

We offer high purity, multi-compendial, pharmaceutical excipients for small molecule drug delivery. Our portfolio of high purity excipient products and speciality chemistries solve formulation challenges and enhance drug delivery across a variety of administration routes and dosage forms.

Our Super Refined range can optimise your topical formulation by:

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Improving API stability and reducing oxidation potential
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Decreasing cellular irritation
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Maximising drug targeting on the skin surface
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Eczema is a group of inflammatory skin disorders characterised by itchiness, dryness, scaling, sensitivity, cracking, and inflammation. Our dermatological solutions are designed to address these symptoms in a range of convenient formulations.

Our star excipient: Medilan™ (Wool Fat PhEur; Modified Lanolin NF), approved by the British Skin Foundation

  • Replenishes the skin’s essential lipids
  • Repairs the natural skin barrier to reduce transepidermal water loss
  • Excellent skin hydration properties
  • Provides long lasting emollience.


Highly purified medical grade lanolin, with clinically proven safety and efficacy, designed for the treatment of severely compromised skin conditions. Long-lasting emollient, moisturiser and skin...


Arlamol™ PS11E pharma

Polar non-occlusive emollient that acts as an excellent solvent for a wide range of actives and as a coupling agent, allowing the compatibility of polar and non-polar oils. Excellent spreader and...

Baby skin

Baby skin has a delicate and fragile structure which easily becomes dry or irritated due to urine contact, laundry detergent residues and central heating and air conditioning. Formulating for baby skin requires mild, effective moisturising ingredients and a dosage form that is quick and easy to apply or use in the bath.

Our star excipeint: Arlamol™ PS11E (Polyoxypropylene Stearyl Ether PhEur)

  • Excellent polar solvent for a wide range of actives
  • Non-occlusive emollient offering a velvety skin feel
  • Enables compatibility of polar and non-polar oils, making it possible to couple two actives into one product
  • Produces liquid crystal oleosomes when used with Brij S2, Brij S721 and Crodacol CS90. Oleosome systems enable longer lasting skin hydration, pH flexibility, and increased salt tolerance and stability.


Formulating acne products requires light, non-occlusive ingredients to soothe inflamed skin, optimise the performance of anti-acne actives and encourage repeat use of the product.

Our star excipient: Super Refined™ Arlasolve™ DMI (Dimethyl Isosorbide)

  • High purity, clear liquid epidermal penetration enhancer
  • Excellent solubiliser
  • Improves formulation and API stability
  • Enhances spreading properties.

Super Refined™ DMI

High purity liquid for use with poorly soluble hydrophilic and hydrophobic actives. Enhances the formulation and API stability in transdermal delivery systems. Recommended topical usage levels of...

We offer high purity, multi-compendial, pharmaceutical excipients for small molecule drug delivery. Our portfolio of high purity excipient products and speciality chemistries solve formulation challenges and enhance drug delivery across a variety of administration routes and dosage forms.

Super Refined™ excipients

Super Refined excipients are stripped of a number of oxidative impurities, such as peroxides, aldehydes, and catalyst residues. The removal of these problematic species helps to reduce negative API & excipient interactions, maintaining both the stability of the drug and the final formulation. In addition, the removal of these impurities can minimise cellular irritation, reduce taste impact, and potentially decrease allergenicity. 

We have a large variety of products, ranging from various polysorbates, polyethylene glycols (PEG), esters, vegetable oils, and more. 
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