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Product Spotlight – Super Refined™ PEG 400

This month we are highlighting: Super Refined™ PEG 400 (Polyethylene Glycol 400) – which is ideal for use in oral, topical, and parenteral applications as an emulsion stabiliser and solvent for water-insoluble APIs.

This highly purified solubiliser is an exemplary excipient in both small molecule and protein formulations containing the most sensitive APIs for treatments of a range of illnesses including cancer.

Key benefits of Super Refined™ PEG 400 include:

• Multi-compendial - Ph. Eur., USP/ NF, JPE, ChP*
• Improved API stability and finished formulation integrity
• Reduced potential for cellular irritation
• Improved taste profile when used in oral liquid dosage forms
• Reduced crosslinking in gelatin capsules

*Super Refined PEG 400 LTG has been specifically designed to meet the Chinese pharmacopoeia monograph.

Why choose Super Refined™ excipients?

Selection of the right excipient which is compatible with both your drug and your formulation can mean the difference between a blockbuster drug and a failed drug. Many excipients come with a variety of impurities and byproducts which can hinder product performance and cause formation of potentially dangerous and toxic degradants.

Super Refined excipients are stripped of a number of oxidative impurities, such as peroxides, aldehydes, and catalyst residues. The removal of these problematic species helps to reduce negative API & excipient interactions, maintaining both the stability of the drug and the final formulation.  In addition, the removal of these impurities can minimise cellular irritation, reduce taste impact, and potentially decrease allergenicity.

Additionally, many of our products meet the needs of multiple monographs such as the USP/NF, Ph. Eur,, JP/JPE, and ChP.


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