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Foam cell, macrophage cells that contain lipid droplets and are components of atherosclerotic plaque

Lipid-based drug delivery technology

As the Lipid Technology segment of the Croda Pharma business, Avanti is primarily focused on developing innovative lipid-based products to address specific medical challenges that are not resolved by current technology or drug products.
Structure of liposome

Lipid-based drug delivery technology

Avanti Polar Lipids has a long history of 50 years creating the highest purity lipids available. Our passion for high quality and unique products is only exceeded by our excellent reputation in the marketplace.
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Curious about how our lipid technology can aid your drug delivery research? 

For over 30 years, Avanti has been working with the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry to provide solutions that save or improve lives. We were integrally involved in the development of liposomal-based drug delivery systems and over the past decade we have concentrated on developing lipid components used in Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology to solve the stability and delivery issues associated with mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics.  

LNPs are lipid-based drug delivery systems that carry nucleic acid material. These systems primarily rely on four lipid components: a PEG lipid, amino (cationic) lipid, structural lipid, and cholesterol.  

The cationic lipids are used to sequester the genetic material through a charge-charge interaction. This is encapsulated by the structural lipid and functionalized on the exterior with PEG lipids. Genetic material is highly susceptible to RNAse activity but the LNP protects the genetic material from degradation. The LNP also allows the genetic material to gain access to the cell and once inside, to be released.  This allows the cellular machinery to translate the delivered genetic material into a cellular response.  

When conducting LNP formulation research there are many important factors to consider including size and shape, surface charge, hydrophobicity, and surface functionalization. Avanti offers a wide variety of cGMP manufactured lipids that will allow you to perfectly tailor your drug delivery systems. As always, these lipids are manufactured to meet the Avanti purity standard of 99% purity.  

If you have a lipid-based drug delivery problem that needs to be solved, reach out to us! We can help you with: 

  • The supply of GMP lipids for your lipid nanoparticle formulation 
  • Contract manufacturing of proprietary lipids 
  • Formulation development and manufacturing  
  • Analytical services to support clinical development 

Nobody surpasses Avanti’s quality or dedication to finding solutions for lipid-based problems. We have supplied lipids for commercial drug product manufacturing for over 30 years and we are here to help you, too.

Human lipid bilayer


Lipids are a versatile classification of macromolecules that can be also be tailored to meet the needs of a number of different applications and conditions.

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Avanti Polar Lipids

Avanti Polar Lipids creates and makes high-purity polar lipids that are increasingly being used as delivery systems for complex therapeutic drugs and in next-generation mRNA vaccines.
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