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“Close the Care Gap” – World Cancer Day 2024

Since the year 2000, World Cancer Day has been observed globally on February 4th, marking a positive movement that unites people worldwide under a single voice to confront one of the most significant medical challenges in history.1 

Led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), World Cancer Day not only raises awareness but also improves education, influences government actions, while collectively working together to reimagine a world where loss and deaths to cancer are more preventable.1  

This year’s theme, “Close the Care Gap,” acknowledges that despite advancements in cancer treatments, obstacles persist for many seeking care. Factors such as income, education, geographical location, and discrimination can create barriers when accessing essential care services.1

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The formulation and advancement of cancer drugs encompass a diverse array of options, including essential components for small molecule drugs, adjuvants to enhance vaccine therapies and the innovation seen in developing personalised medicines.  

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At Croda Pharma, we’re proud to have developed a wide range of ingredients to support drug development across numerous critical applications, spanning Small Molecule Delivery, Protein Delivery, Adjuvant Systems, and Nucleic Acid Delivery.  

As innovation continues in the development of drugs to treat and cure cancer, novel excipients and adjuvants play a crucial role. “Modern vaccine development is having a golden period, with a variety of novel subunit technologies being introduced into clinical development in recent years” states Dr. Dennis Christensen, Head of Adjuvant Systems Research & Development, Croda Pharma.2 While COVID-19 brought the world to a halt, the rapid drug developments in response led to several novel vaccine platforms, ultimately opening the door for more innovation, giving vaccine development a tremendous boost.2  

Novel adjuvants, such as CAF®09B for example, have been seen in studies for personalised medicines such as cancer immunotherapy as most neoantigens arise from unique mutations and are not shared between individual patience, thus, neoantigen-directed immunotherapy needs to be personalised.3 The referenced study by EVAXION used the proprietary AI-Immunology™ platform,4 PIONEER, to identify a neo-antigen vaccine, formulated with the novel liposomal adjuvant CAF®09B to potentiate the immune response, tailored to the individual patient3 diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.4 The study utilised artificial intelligence to decode the human immune system and develop novel immunotherapies for cancer, bacterial diseases, and viral infections.4  


A novel liposomal adjuvant used in cancer immunotherapy trials, CAF09b has the capacity to facilitate the production of CD8+ T-cells.

The novel adjuvant, CAF®09B, continues to show positive results in studies for antigen-specific cancer immunotherapies. Published in Frontier in Immunology, the study reports promising vaccine results for patients with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, demonstrating the vaccine formulated with the novel adjuvant CAF®09B and a Bcl-XL-peptide was able to elicit potent CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses.5 Globally, prostate cancer ranks as the second most diagnosed cancer and the fifth primary cause of cancer-related mortality in men, and with the overall study concluding to show safe and tolerable results, CAF®09B remains a novel adjuvant of interest when developing immunotherapies.5  

As the development for innovative cancer therapies continue, we are committed to support innovation through providing access to novel adjuvants and increase supply chain security. CAF®09B is just one example of a novel adjuvant supporting the limited options for metastatic diseases, addressing the need for new therapies.5  

We are proud to continue supporting the development of cancer treatments, and on this World Cancer Day, recognise the importance of innovation and science to cure and treat those diagnosed. Together, we stand in support to “Close the Care Gap.”  

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