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AAPS National Biotechnology Conference 2024

We have a lot to show you...

Join our team of experts and adjuvant leaders as we exhibit and present at AAPS NBC in San Francisco, CA. We invite you to visit us at booth #700.

What, where, and when?

  • What: AAPS National Biotechnology Conference 
  • Where: Hilton San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco, CA, booth #700
  • When: 13 - 16 May 2024


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WHITEPAPER: Lipid technology for delivery of gene-editing therapies

Lipid delivery for delivery gene-editing therapies
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WHITEPAPER: Innovative lipids for Nucleic Acid Delivery

innovative lipids for your nucleic acid delivery research whitepaper by Croda Pharma
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Sreejit Menon, Croda Pharma

Attend our talk...

Wednesday, 15 May 10:15am - 11:00am

The impact of polysorbate Quality/Grade on biopharmaceutical formulations

Featuring Dr. Sreejit Menon, in his talk you will cover the complexity of polysorbates in mAb based formulations, and the importance of how the synthetic approach and purification processes can impact their performance in the final formulation, as well as some of the current approaches used to address any challenges regarding formulation stability. 

You will learn:  

  • Manufacturing controls for polysorbates with an overview of grade and quality of polysorbates 
  • The impact of modified fatty acid distribution in polysorbates on mAb formulations and free fatty acid particle formation 
  • Fractionated polysorbates role in mAb formulations.
Dr. Qiaobin Hu, Croda Pharma

Attend our poster presentation...

Optimizing lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) processing for siRNA delivery by microfluidics system

Presentation times: 

  • Tuesday, May 14, Poster forum 1, monitor #2
  • Tuesday, May 14, 1:30pm, Poster forum 1, monitor #5.

Featuring Dr. Qiaobin Hu, in his poster presentation he will discuss how we aimed to explore and optimize the formulation of LNPs for short interfering RNA (siRNA) delivery, leveraging a microfluidics system with a flow-focusing approach.  

Event type: Conference

AAPS NBC (National Biotechnology Conference)

This premier event held in California will cover topics from advances in discover, formulation and delivery of new modalities through to novel strategies to advance biotherapeutic development. Stop by our booth #700, attend our talk on Wednesday May 15th at 10:15am, and check out our poster session! Schedule your meeting today, we have a lot going on! Make sure to put us on your agenda.

Event location
Boston, MA
Event date
13 - 16 May 2024