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At Croda we offer a range of surfactants, solvents, solubilisers and stability enhancers within our product portfolio to support your over the counter (OTC) formulations, such as soft gels, topical creams, suppositories, transdermal patches and syrups.

OTC medicines are non-prescription drugs that are safe, and effective for the use by the general public without the need to seek treatment by a health professional. The benefits of using OTC drugs include easy accessibility, lower costs, convenience, and consumer-empowering properties.

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Why work with us?
  • Our in-house technical experts provide extensive formulation support and troubleshooting during product development
  • Our regulatory specialists are practised in supporting the use of novel and innovative excipients in a variety of formulations
  • Explore our product offerings to aid your development needs
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Consumer Health

We want to help you grow your product brand by offering quality ingredients developed for the over-the-counter (OTC), oral hygiene and human nutrition markets.

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The development of oral drugs presents several challenges, including low solubility, instability of the formulation and ineffective delivery of the IFA. The selection of the correct oral excipient during the initial stage of development is a critical step in achieving the success of the formulation.
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Our extensive experience in skin science has led to the development of innovative ingredients that enhance the efficacy and patient perception of topical pharmaceuticals. Our topical excipients include drug delivery systems, skin penetration enhancers, solubilisers, emulsifiers and emollients.
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Auricular, ophthalmic and nasal

Developing drugs to be delivered through the ophthalmic, auricular and nasal routes requires focus on essential factors, such as drug stability and endotoxin levels, which can impact the success of the formulation. 
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Rectal and vaginal

Rectal and vaginal administration routes are used for local as well as systemic drug delivery and can offer some unique advantages. The rectal and vaginal routes belong to the transmucosal routes of drug delivery and thus offer the advantage of bypassing first-pass metabolism. They both have a use in systemic drug delivery when the oral route is not available, or where the drug under consideration is not well suited for oral administration, however these are relatively less popular due to their anogenital nature and privacy aspects.

Our range of Super Refined™ excipients are manufactured using a proprietary process, in which impurities are removed, in order to maximise the drug product value. They have been specially designed to enhance the stability, solubility and delivery of APIs through the rectal and vaginal administration routes.

Our excipient portfolio includes:

  • Solubilisers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Emollients
  • Stability enhancers
  • Viscosity modifiers
  • Suppository bases
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