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Oral drug delivery

The oral route of administration presents a convenient, cost-effective, and non-invasive method for delivering drugs. However, with the increasing complexity of APIs, the delivery of these drugs also becomes more challenging. Factors like stability, degradation upon ingestion, and drug absorption can diminish the effectiveness of the product, occasionally resulting in the requirement of consuming multiple capsules instead of just one.


Within the Small molecule market, oral solid dose forms are the preferred means of administration, with softgel coming up as an attractive format for such products – 80% of drugs are consumed orally. That said, it is important to note that the taste of an oral drug can be very influenced by the excipients used, which can have a heavy impact on patient adherence to the medication and their decision to purchase it again.

Croda can help you improve your softgel formulation!

  • Increasing API stability through our Super Refined™ excipients
  • Improving formulations with SEDDS & SMEDDS technology
  • Accelerating active ingredient release
  • Reducing capsule size
  • Improving taste profile.

Oral drug delivery technology benefits include: 

  • Improvement in oral bioavailability 
  • Ease of manufacture and scale-up then a tablet
  • Reduction in inter/intra subject variability and food effects
  • Ability to deliver vitamins, combined activities or peptides
  • 40% of new drug compounds are hydrophobic 
  • Increased drug loading capacity. 

Super Refined Excipients for Oral Drug Delivery

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Purple capsule pills use in pharmaceutical manufacturing


SEDDS and SMEDDS drug delivery systems are mixtures of oils, surfactants, solvents, and drug substance that rapidly and spontaneously form oil-in-water emulsions or microemulsions when introduced into aqueous phases under gentle agitation.

What are SEDDS and SMEDDS?

Watch our animation to learn more!

Taste of excipients can be a big problem in oral formulation. Do you do anything to mitigate this?

Yes, our Super Refined™ excipients! They have minimal taste compared to their standard pharmaceutical equivalent grades, resulting in more palatable patient medicines, we even have supporting data to demonstrate this!

Our experts are on hand to solve your formulation challenges and enhance drug delivery utilising high purity Super Refined™ excipients. We combine our technical knowledge with regulatory knowledge to help our customers market innovative products with consumer relevant claims, alongside supporting formulation development challenges such as converting from solid to liquid dose. 

Croda’s oral drug delivery solutions

  • Capsule size reduction – easy to swallow!
  • Improved solubility and stability – make your formulations better!
  • Better taste profile – great for twist off formulations
  • From solid to liquid – unlock novel formats

Oral drug delivery key applications

  • OTC and prescription medicines
  • Nutraceutical products
  • Novel ingredients such as CBD

Regardless of the challenge, the goal is to create successful drug products with shortened development timelines. The selection of the right oral excipient during early phase development is critical to achieve this goal. We are passionate about addressing formulation challenges and enhancing oral drug delivery. Together we'll explore the key challenges faced in the oral drug delivery space and the solutions on offer. Together we can support the development of your innovative formulations and unlock new claims! 

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  • Tableted products only release the product based on the API solubility and the tablet disintegrates
  • Liquid solutions in capsules increase the risk of API degradation
  • Liquid solutions can struggle to dissolve the therapeutic API dose
  • Significant development time in formulations.
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Super Refined™ P35 Castor Oil disperses the API for rapid absorption and action.

Super Refined PEG 400 acts as the main solvent to successfully dissolve the therapeutic dose, Croda’s in house oral liquid dose formulation knowledge is used to get to the right answer, fast.

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Pack claims unlocked:


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