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Partnership agreement between Croda and AAHI to drive innovation in vaccine development


19 March 2024: Croda International Plc (Croda) and The Access to Advanced Health Institute (AAHI) are pleased to announce today the signing of a partnership agreement around innovation and development of adjuvant formulations, under which Croda and AAHI will leverage their combined expertise to make novel vaccine adjuvant formulations globally accessible, thereby advancing next generation, robust and durable vaccines.

AAHI, a leading nonprofit biotech research institute that has developed platform technologies for harnessing the immune system to combat disease, boasts a diverse portfolio of adjuvant formulations used in numerous vaccine candidates targeting major infectious diseases and neglected diseases listed by the World Health Organisation as significant global threats. With deep adjuvant and vaccine formulation expertise and years of experience developing cost-effective, sustainable products and processes for making them, AAHI stands at the forefront of vaccine innovation. 

The exclusive agreement between AAHI and Croda includes a collaborative effort in research and development, combining the unique expertise of both entities, to propel rapid development of innovative adjuvants and formulations, and to develop efficient manufacturing processes to enable production at scale, to meet vaccine industry and global needs. Further, the agreement grants Croda certain rights to market, distribute and sell selected novel adjuvant formulations developed by AAHI, for research purposes and clinical development. Croda will apply its unparalleled cGMP manufacturing expertise as AAHI’s exclusive authorised manufacturer in major countries, to scale up manufacturing and support for phase 3 clinical trials and commercial use. 

Commenting on the partnership, Daniele Piergentili, President Life Sciences at Croda, said “This partnership marks another significant milestone in our endeavour to offer a comprehensive portfolio of adjuvants for the vaccines of tomorrow. It perfectly aligns with our pharmaceutical strategy to “Empower biologics delivery” and underscores our commitment to making substantial contributions to the successful development and commercialisation of WHO-listed pipeline vaccines. The dedication of AAHI to creating sustainable and widely accessible vaccines and immunotherapies aligns seamlessly with our Purpose of employing Smart science to improve lives.”

Corey Casper, President, and Chief Executive Officer of AAHI, commented, “The opportunities this partnership creates, not only for AAHI but also for our collaborators and vaccine developers who rely on adjuvant formulations for the deployment of effective health solutions, are tremendous. Croda’s commitment to and passion for developing sustainable adjuvant formulation solutions from bench to clinic to market is in direct alignment with our mission to create worldwide access to vaccines and immunotherapies. We look forward to working together to make a significant global impact by enabling sustainable and reliable protection against disease.”

About AAHI
AAHI is a nonprofit biotech research institute located in Seattle, Washington, that combines the high-quality science of an academic research organisation with the product development capabilities of a biotech company to help combat some of the world’s deadliest diseases, including infectious diseases such as Covid-19, mosquito- and tick-borne diseases, cancer, fungal and parasitic infections, and other non-communicable diseases. For nearly three decades, AAHI, previously known as the Infectious Disease Research Institute, has focused on creating immune-enhancing technologies that improve the body’s natural response to disease. Through collaboration, AAHI brings innovative products from the lab to clinic to people, furthering AAHI’s mission to bring together the best experts, technologies, and platforms to create accessible, high-quality products and solutions. AAHI is working to build a world in which every person has access to tools that harness their immune system and allow them to live a healthy life free of illness and disease. 

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For more information please contact:
Angela Kleiner
Head of Insights and Innovation, Croda Pharma, Adjuvant Systems
+49 (0)173 9673400

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