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A powerful match - celebrating three years of Croda Pharma and Avanti

Today marks three years since we acquired Avanti Polar Lipids. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the combination of Avanti's lipid expertise and our manufacturing scale-up capability could enable us to deliver the impossible. 

Working hand in hand, Avanti’s know-how and technology have proven to be highly complementary to our capability in drug delivery systems, vaccine adjuvants and immunotherapy.

Many staff joined the Croda family along with the Avanti acquisition, here are some of their stories: 

Ethan Cagle, Croda Pharma

Ethan Cagle

Safety Health and Environment Department
"Prior to the acquisition by Croda, my current position did not exist. The acquisition by Croda has allowed me to work in a field that I have always been interested in and to use my background to help make sure everyone goes home just as good or better than when they came to work. I really enjoy getting to work with all levels of the organization at the site and the interactions that the SHE group has within the region and globally. It is also really exciting to see the impact that Croda Pharma products have on the lives of the end users. We really do practice Smart science to improve lives™. There has been a significant shift in the culture of the site that really pushes a focus on the health and safety of the employee by increasing the overall safety of our processes".

"After the acquisition, Croda invested heavily in the cGMP Manufacturing Facility essentially doubling the overall manufacturing space. This has lead to expansion of the process development group both in personnel and laboratory space, allowing us to increase development and optimization capacities. Our products are used in therapeutics from early phase clinical applications to commercial pharmaceuticals. It is extremely fulfilling to work on projects every day that have potential to improve the lives of so many people. Since the acquisition there has been significant investment in the future of Avanti products. From the initial transfer and scale-up of COVID vaccine raw materials to planned scale-ups of legacy products, the large-scale manufacturing capacities of other Croda sites around the world greatly expand the potential impact of Avanti technology".

Justin Martin, Avanti Polar Lipids

Justin Martin, Lead Development Scientist in the cGMP Process Development Group


Check out Justin's story:
Croda International Plc (Croda) today announced that it has signed two new partnership agreements that will help the pharmaceutical industry move towards a more sustainable supply chain for vaccine adjuvants.

Learn how we delivered the impossible

During the pandemic of 2020, it became clear that the combination of Avanti’s lipid expertise and Croda’s manufacturing and scale-up capability could enable a faster response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Leveraging this, and scaling at unprecedented speed, we became the first company to supply the essential lipid ingredients for a COVID-19 vaccine at scale, globally.

Decades of driving biopharma forward

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