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product ranges

Product ranges

Croda offers an extensive product offering to meet the needs for our customers, whether they are in drug substance manufacturing or formulation development. With an ever increasing list of high purity specialty ingredients, we are proud to be your partner in bringing drug products to market.

Alongside the product range, we have extensive expertise in working with our products in their various applications, and actively work with customers to solve any issues they are facing, whether it be stabilising a difficult drug, delivering the drug to its intended site of action, or prolonging drug product shelf life through the use of high purity ingredients.

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Product finder

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vaccine development

Adjuvant Systems

For more than 80 years Croda has been dedicated to safe and effective adjuvants suitable for use in both human and veterinary vaccines.

water splash

Pharmaceutical excipients

Excipients are more than just fillers in a final drug product. They are functional ingredients, providing key benefits such as solubilisation, stabilisation, delivery enhancement, and formulation preservation.

Human lipid bilayer


Lipids are a versatile classification of macromolecules that can be also be tailored to meet the needs of a number of different applications and conditions.

fish oil capsules

Omega 3 APIs

With an established record of success in API Omega 3 and an unmatched reputation for customer focus, we are able to meet the full spectrum of requirements and help you meet your project goals. ​

multiple fish swimming


PureMax is a seal of quality, which guarantees confidence in your nutritional purchase. The values below explain more about the core beliefs that the PureMax brand represents.

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