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One of the most widely used vaccine adjuvants, Alhydrogel is an aluminium-based adjuvant used in clinically-approved vaccines that can elicit effective Th2 immune responses.

Aluminium hydrogels have been used in a broad range of vaccines for several decades . Manufactured since 1939, they are used in many modern vaccines, such as for tetanus, anthrax, and meningitis, as well as in developmental vaccines, such as against SARS-CoV-2.

Alhydrogel stimulates potent antibody and Th2-mediated humoral responses . When combined with other adjuvants, such as monophosphoryl lipid-A or analogues, it creates balanced Th1/Th2 responses.

Alhydrogel works as an effective protein antigen-binding vaccine adjuvant. It has a low conductivity due to the absence of buffering ions and is positively charged at a neutral pH. This allows for the effective adsorption of negatively charged protein antigens.

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Alhydrogel is a registered trademark of Croda International.

Product details

Chemical group

  • Aluminium oxyhydroxide

Administration route

  • Vaccine adjuvant

Market application

  • Blood plasma fractionation
  • Human vaccines
  • Veterinary vaccines


  • Vaccine adjuvant

Physical form

  • A gel-like aqueous suspension. A supernatant forms when the product is left idle.
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cGMP manufacturing

We offer sterile and aseptically filled aluminium-based adjuvants. Our site in Denmark is a certified cGMP manufacturing plant. It is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency for the manufacture of sterile and aseptically filled intermediates in accordance with EU GMP Part 1 (Basic Requirements for Medicinal Products) and Annexe 1 (Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products).