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NatraGem™ E145

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A high HLB O/W emulsifier, 100% naturally derived, specifically designed to meet the need for natural cosmeceuticals. It may also be used for baby care, sun care or medicated skin care applications. It offers great formulation flexibility as it can be used with high and low polarity oils and is suitable for both hot and cold processing. It is also pH and electrolyte tolerant, creating stable emulsions ranging in viscosity from sprayable to pourable lotions. For best results use with a co-emulsifier such as Span 60, or Span 20 for cold processing.Recommended topical usage levels of 3-8% (combined usage level with co-emulsifier).  

Product details

Chemical group

  • Polyol ester

Administration route

  • Topical

Market application

  • Dermatology


  • Emulsifier

Physical form

  • Clear pale yellow liquid


  • 14.50