Smart science to improve lives™

Croda expands its high purity pharmaceutical excipients manufacturing capability

2 August 2021: Croda International Plc, the company that uses smart science to create high performance ingredients and technologies that improve lives, is excited to announce the expansion of its Mill Hall high purity excipients facility. This investment confirms Croda’s commitment to building its Life Sciences business and developing innovative pharmaceutical excipients, reinforcing Croda’s Purpose to use Smart science to improve lives™. With this latest Mill Hall expansion, Croda continues their ambitious target to become People Positive by 2030 by contributing to the successful development of 25% of WHO-listed pipeline vaccines.

On July 26, 2021, Croda Inc. officially opened its newly expanded pharmaceutical excipients facility with a ribbon cutting celebration. The event, led by Mill Hall Site Director Robert Strouse, saw Croda’s President of Life Sciences, Daniele Piergentili, President of Consumer Care, David Shannon, and North America Managing Director of Operations, Bradley Cook celebrate alongside Health Care senior leadership and the Mill Hall Engineering team. 

This latest Mill Hall expansion will focus exclusively on producing high purity pharmaceutical ingredients widely used in health care applications, ranging from solid oral dose and topicals to biologics and vaccines. This plant expansion will nearly double Mill Hall’s capacity to produce these innovative ingredients marketed under Croda’s Super Refined™ brand. 

Daniele Piergentili, President of Life Sciences, explains the significance of this strategic investment and how it will impact Croda’s future: “We are very excited to see the completion of the expanded purification facility in Mill Hall. We are now more experienced than ever to serve the current and future needs of our customers and partners as well as to support the future leading-edge drug delivery technologies to come.

“With our increased capacity in the UK, Japan, and now Mill Hall, we continue to position ourselves for success in the pharmaceutical industry. Using Smart science to improve lives™ is what makes Croda so special, and this investment is evidence of our Purpose in action.”

Robert Strouse, Mill Hall Site Director, highlights the importance of this expansion: “I want to thank everyone at Mill Hall and Croda who worked tirelessly to complete this project. With our increased capacity we can better serve our customers and expand our Super Refined™ excipients portfolio. Most importantly, this investment shows our commitment to the local community and our facilities here in Pennsylvania. Mill Hall is a key manufacturing site for Croda globally and will continue to demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation.” 

Croda’s Super Refined™ ingredients are a range of highly purified pharmaceutical excipients designed to meet the needs of the most sensitive drug applications. With an exceptionally low oxidative impurity profile, these ingredients add significant value to formulated drug products through improved product stability and toxicity profiles, as well as enhanced patient comfort via minimized cellular irritation and reduced allergenicity potential. This, ultimately, yields benefits including extended drug product shelf life, improved drug efficacy, and increased speed to market. Croda high purity excipients and vaccine adjuvants are involved in a number of high profile COVID-19 vaccines and biopharmaceutical drug applications.