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Croda Pharma on the road at CPHI, Frankfurt

''It was great to have so many in-person meetings – many pre-arranged, but also serendipity – with customers, partners, peers, and colleagues. In the last two years of the pandemic, we learned how to keep interactions alive virtually, but CPHI showed to me again how much more powerful face-to-face discussions are for building and maintaining close relationships''
Finn Bauer, Vice President of Research and Development

The round up

We were back at CPHI, finally! After a couple years of online interaction and cancelled events across the globe, we couldn’t have been happier to get back on the road and see our customers at CPHI. Throughout the event, our experts were mingling and chatting to customers and visitors to our booth to discuss formulation challenges and sharing how we are enabling next generation drug delivery with our excipients and novel adjuvants. The event spanned over three days, uniting exhibitors at the heart of pharma and thousands of attendees for an extensive exhibition and valuable meetings.

Awards ceremony

We were extremely proud to also be nominated for the ‘Innovation in response to Covid-19’ award during the event. The award highlighted our work in both developing and scaling up critical lipid components for vaccines. We had our leaders from the lipid technology segment of the Croda Pharma business, Avanti Polar Lipids, in attendance to speak to attendees about how we can develop and manufacture innovative lipids of unparalleled purity for use in vaccines and next generation therapeutics. With a history of enabling drug delivery research, Avanti has been working with the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry to provide solutions that improve lives.

Meet our experts at CPHI

The 'new' Croda Pharma

The teams were thrilled to showcase the renewed Croda Pharma identity and to bring the rebrand to life. While our teams have been delivering solutions for pharma for decades, our new brand better demonstrates the coming together of three powerful businesses founded on innovation, formulation and application.

“The brand reinforces our commitment to empowering biologics delivery and showcases our four drug delivery platforms, Small Molecule Delivery, Protein Delivery, Adjuvant Systems and Nucleic Acid Delivery”
Aia Malik, Global Marketing Manager

Insights from our leaders and scientists

Raquel Mirabent, our Business Director for Consumer and Veterinary Health was on the panel for the latest trends in consumer health talk. The session explored the latest news and insights in consumer health, including how pharma engages patients in education and decision-making. Raquel delved deeper into how our Super Refined™ excipients can aid in making consumer related claims, through such factors as reduction in soft gel capsule size, deeper penetration for topical based products and increased bioavailability. 

Throughout the event, we held demonstrations using our Super Refined™ excipients to highlight how these can be used to combat formulation challenges. Our industry leading, Super Refined™ excipients have been developed by Croda Pharma experts to optimise API stability and provide additional value to your final drug product. Over the years, enhancing stability has been our forte - through a range of emulsifiers, emollients, solvents and permeation enhancers. Formulation benefits of these include: Minimised API degradation, reduced impurity profiles for improved drug compatibility, reduced oxidation potential for increased drug stability and batch-to-batch consistency. Click here to read more.

Welcoming you to our booth

Our ‘Drink and Greet’ was held at our booth on the Wednesday of the show and was a chance to connect with our Croda experts and explore how we can further empower biologics delivery and progress your drug development. This is something that is fundamental to our ethos and the level of customer-focused service we offer. We believe in an approachable way of working – providing you with direct access to our technical teams and customer support. Enabling faster communication and collaboration with ease, as well as supporting the development of innovative formulations. 

So, if you want to connect – reach out! It’s easy.  

We would like to thank everyone who came to visit us at CPHI this year and we can’t wait to exhibit again in Barcelona next year.  

''CPHI has always been one of the greatest spots for Pharma experts to meet in-person, exchanging knowledge as well as being a suitable place for kicking off new scientific launches. Croda Pharma this year was able to actively participate in CPHI introducing our platforms not as a chemicals supplier but rather a solutions provider in various pharma aspects. This year we had many visitors and attendees from the Middle East region eagerly looking forward to bringing Croda’s technology to their countries which left a positive impression about the future of such developing regions''
Mina Ghaly, Area Sales Manager - Middle East and Pakistan