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Crodafos™ CES pharma

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Phosphate-based emulsifying and conditioning wax that produces stable thixotropic O/W emulsions, allowing rapid active release and localised delivery of active to the skin. The formation of lamellar liquid crystal oleosomes mean that Crodafos CES-based emulsions offer greater versatility compared to more conventional phosphate-based emulsifiers, enabling formulators to create a wide range of elegant and efficacious products that are both cost-effective as well as functional. They exhibit a combination of natural substantivity, greater oil deposition, and shear thinning properties promoting fast targeted release of both oil and water-based actives. Recommended topical usage levels of 5-8%.

Product details

Chemical group

  • Emulsifying wax

Administration route

  • Topical

Market application

  • Dermatology


  • Anionic surfactant
  • Emulsifier

Physical form

  • White pastilles m.p. 51-58ºC