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Super Refined™Linseed Oil

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Super Refined Linseed Oil is a high purity linseed (or flaxseed) oil product. Having a variety of uses across numerous industries, Super Refined Linseed Oil is designed to meet the needs of its uses in pharmaceutical applications, such as solubilizing poorly water-soluble drugs and stabilizing them within formulations. Our Super Refined Linseed Oil has undergone a proprietary purification process that removes oxidative impurities and other reactive species, such as low molecular weight aldehydes and other primary oxidation products, that could negatively impact product, API, and formulation stability. As a result, this yields a highly pure and nearly colourless product with a high level of oxidative stability and improved product shelf life. This purification process supports the compositional integrity of the product and does not alter the chemical composition in any way.

Product details

Chemical group

  • Lipid
  • Triglycerides

Administration route

  • Ophthalmic

Market application

  • Human pharmaceutical


  • Excipient

Physical form

  • Clear, essentially colourless liquid

Product brochures & guides

Category: Product overview sheets

Title: Pharmaceutical excipients for ophthalmic formulations - CP22

Pharmaceutical excipients for ophthalmic formulations

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