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Skin barrier repair

The skin is the body’s primary defense mechanism against outside agents, and its integrity is of primary importance to ensure skin moisturisation, protection, and delivery. Lanolin is a natural and safe emollient used for skin barrier repair, and is able to augment the functions of the human skin lipids. By replenishing the essential lipids of the skin, lanolin accelerates the repair of the skin’s natural barrier function.
Using skin cream for Skin Barrier Repair
Why use Medilan™ pharmaceutical lanolins for skin barrier repair? 

Our Medilan pharmaceutical lanolins repair, protect and hydrate the skin. The Medilan range offers exceptional lanolin purity beyond that of monograph compliance, efficacy in clinical trials and proven safety in use. The range plays an essential role in the treatment of a number of compromised skin conditions including eczema, nappy rash and wound healing.

Benefits of Medilan pharmaceutical lanolins: 
  • Improves health of the skin by supplementing essential lipids 
  • Accelerates the repair of the skin’s natural barrier function 
  • Results can be seen within one week of daily treatment 
  • Accredited by the British Skin Foundation 
  • Medilan Ultra offers an extremely low colour and odour form of pharmaceutical grade lanolin. 
 Skin Healing Study
Lanolin skin repair diagram

Lanolin effects on lips

Over a two-week period our subject used our  Medilan pharmaceutical lanolin to treat dry cracked lips. Below you can see the progression. Lanolin delivers a complex combination of lipids to the skin that imitate and augment many of the functions of the lipids found within it. As such, lanolin can be used to supplement the lipid bilayers and naturally reinforce the skin barrier function.


Mother carefully applying medical ointment


Our extensive experience in skin science has led to the development of innovative ingredients that enhance the efficacy and patient perception of topical pharmaceuticals. Our topical excipients include drug delivery systems, skin penetration enhancers, solubilisers, emulsifiers and emollients.

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Lanolin Hand Skin Repair

It makes SENSE to use lanolin

Sustainable - Lanolin is  sutainable - An otherwise waste material sourced from the wool industry

Ethical - Lanolin is The annual removal of the sheep’s fleece is an essential part of maintaining the animal’s health and overall well-being

Natural - Lanolin is 100% naturally derived and is recognised by natural cosmetic certification bodies ISO 16128

Safe - Lanolin is Extensive clinical studies have proven lanolin to be gentle on even the most sensitive types of skin

Efficacious - Lanolin is Exceptionally versatile and natural, lanolin is an effective biomimetic ingredient offering a unique combination of functional and sensory benefits unrivalled by any other cosmetic ingredient.


Discover our product offerings to support skin barrier repair



Excellent moisturiser with skin conditioning benefits. Very effective in repairing the skin barrier. Powerful W/O emulsifier and emulsion stabiliser. High purity grade also available. Recommended...

Medilan™ Ultra

Medilan™ Ultra

An ultra-pure grade of medical lanolin with barrier repair and wound healing properties. Its exceptional aesthetic properties and low drag make it particularly suitable for dermatological applications...

Medilan™ Super

Medilan™ Super

Manufactured using Croda's patented Super Refining process to deliver a medical grade product with superior aesthetics. This product is suited to compromised skin conditions such as eczema and...