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Sustainably sourced Squalene

Synthetic biology and purification excellence enable a highly purified alternative to shark-derived squalene.

Non-shark derived, engineered by synthetic biology. Our pharmaceutical-grade Squalene has superior purity, naturally setting it apart on the market.

An innovative alternative to shark-derived squalene using synthetic biology

There is a significant need for a highly purified alternative to shark-derived squalene to meet the requirements of the vaccine industry. To mitigate the devastating impact on deep-sea shark populations, we are proud to offer a sustainably sourced, sugar-derived Squalene carrying the same benefits as shark-derived squalene.

Pharmaceutical grade Squalene using synthetic biology

Produced using cutting-edge technology that centres on synthetic biology, our pharmaceutical-grade squalene has superior purity, naturally setting it apart on the market. Fermentation based, our Squalene uses yeast isoprenoid pathway engineering, through proprietary technology developed by Amyris. Our purification excellence enables access to a highly purified grade for human and veterinary applications.

What is squalene? And why is there a strong need for vaccine formulations?

Squalene is an organic compound with powerful bioactive properties1. As a naturally occurring oil, squalene has successfully been used in various emulsion-based vaccine adjuvant formulations. They do not only initiate potent innate and adaptive immune responses2 but also have established safety records. This has ignited interest in squalene and inspired the search for more sustainable alternatives.

Squalene-based emulsions

Squalene-based emulsions are used in licensed seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines. Furthermore, there are clinical development projects for prophylactic vaccines ongoing, for example those against tuberculosis, shingles, schistosomiasis, HIV and other severe diseases, combining squalene with a TLR4 agonist in their emulsion adjuvant. 

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Sustainably sourced Squalene

O Esqualeno, um triterpenóide, desempenha um papel fundamental nos adjuvantes de emulsão, sendo o óleo mais comumente empregado em adjuvantes de vacinas humanas.

Non-shark derived, sustainably sourced Squalene

The squalene market is moving towards more sustainable solutions, helping contribute to global efforts to protect the planet

Superior purity

Our Squalene stands out on the market. It is at least 99% pure in line with stringent requirements of vaccine manufacturers

More robust and scalable supply chain

The use of sustainably sourced squalene helps us make progress towards a nature-positive supply chain

High-performing alternative

Demonstrated stability of emulsion adjuvants, with our non-shark derived Squalene
Learn more about how you can benefit from the supreme purity of our squalene. Contact us today to start the discussion.

Squalene in vaccines

Squalene in vaccines has primarily been sourced from sharks, and this has contributed to worrying environmental consequences. Oceanic shark populations have dropped by 71.1% from 1970 to 20183. In fact, half of oceanic shark species are now endangered4. Sourcing shark liver oil is furthering this state of peril. Not only is this threatening shark populations, putting pressure on their already long reproductive cycles, but it also means that squalene is in short supply. 

Replacing shark-derived squalene with sustainable alternatives

Sourcing squalene from deep-sea sharks is unsustainable. Its use in life-saving vaccine formulations creates a global strong demand for alternative sources meeting vaccine manufacturer's requirements. 

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Um histórico de apoio às vacinas

Atuando no desenvolvimento de adjuvantes desde 1939, nossos produtos têm sido frequentemente mencionados em inúmeros artigos revisados por especialistas. Nossas capacidades de pesquisa e desenvolvimento evidenciam nosso compromisso em impulsionar o mercado de Drug Delivery Systems e de novos adjuvantes de vacinas, visando combater uma variedade ainda maior de patógenos.
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Comprometidos com o sucesso da sua vacina

Desenvolver e fabricar vacinas é um desafio caro. Nossa equipe de especialistas técnicos está pronta para oferecer suporte na seleção do adjuvante mais adequado às suas necessidades. Utilize nossa expertise para economizar tempo e dinheiro durante esse processo.

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Vaccines for a more sustainable future


The vaccines of tomorrow revolve around sustainable supply chains and access to scalable commercial supplies that do not put undue pressure on the natural environment. It is our responsibility to future-proof vaccines by focusing on longevity in our processes. With combined global efforts, we can enhance the global health infrastructure, leading us to develop better vaccines against more diseases and supporting our preparedness for future outbreaks.

We believe that lobal collaborations are the cornerstone of creating a greener planet. Let's do all we can today, to generate a sustainable future we're proud of.

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