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Next-generation QS 21 – based on plant tissue culture

QS 21 is used in saponin-based adjuvant systems. Sourced from Quillaja saponaria Molina, a type of tree known for its saponin-rich bark, QS 21 is used in human vaccines. Traditionally bark-derived, regulations in its native Chile have meant that access to these trees is limited
1. As we look to become more nature positive, we’re proud to be able to offer soon our next-generation QS 21 and support global sustainability efforts. Our next-generation QS 21 is based on plant tissue culture, which makes the process more efficient and sustainably sourced.   

Vaccines for a sustainable future

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Innovating for a more sustainable future in vaccines

Saponins, coined from the Latin word "sapo" (meaning soap), are plant compounds known for creating foams in water. Quillaja saponins possess potent immunostimulatory properties. Their ability to activate both cell-mediated and humoral immunity has made them popular as components of vaccine adjuvant systems. 

Quil-A is a crude Quillaja extract containing a mix of over 100 saponin components that is exclusively used in veterinary vaccines. For human vaccines, the highly-purified fraction QS 21 is used. Its application in several innovative licensed vaccines has demonstrated its potential, such as those against shingles, malaria, and RSV.

Bringing you sustainably sourced QS 21

However, this success has highlighted a challenge: the scarcity of Quillaja trees. These trees only yield valuable bark after 25 years, leading to ecological concerns and stricter regulations2. Chilean law prohibits their deforestation, requiring special permits to cut them down3. Thus, the market is moving away from bark to biomass.

Although bark extract still exists, quantities are diminishing and access is limited, inspiring the move towards more sustainable alternatives4. We’re proud to partner with Botanical Solution Inc. to offer next-generation QS 21. Using a patented R&D platform based on plant tissue culture, we will be able to offer a scalable, consistent, and more sustainable supply of QS 21, helping create the next generation of adjuvants in vaccine development.

Sustainably sourced QS 21

Strong safety record

QS 21 is documented in over 160 clinical trials, highlighting its significant safety record

More robust and scalable supply chain

The use of sustainably sourced QS 21 helps us make progress towards a nature-positive supply chain

Sustainably sourced

The QS 21 market is moving towards more sustainable solutions, helping contribute to global efforts to protect the planet
Learn more about how you can benefit from our next generation QS-21. Contact us today, to start the discussion.
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Um histórico de apoio às vacinas

Atuando no desenvolvimento de adjuvantes desde 1939, nossos produtos têm sido frequentemente mencionados em inúmeros artigos revisados por especialistas. Nossas capacidades de pesquisa e desenvolvimento evidenciam nosso compromisso em impulsionar o mercado de Drug Delivery Systems e de novos adjuvantes de vacinas, visando combater uma variedade ainda maior de patógenos.
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Comprometidos com o sucesso da sua vacina

Desenvolver e fabricar vacinas é um desafio caro. Nossa equipe de especialistas técnicos está pronta para oferecer suporte na seleção do adjuvante mais adequado às suas necessidades. Utilize nossa expertise para economizar tempo e dinheiro durante esse processo.
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Addressing the challenges of vaccine formulation

Addressing the challenges of vaccine formulation brochure by Croda Pharma

Vaccines for a sustainable future

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