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Formulate the future: Unlocking sustainable ingredients for vaccines

We envision a future where everyone gets the vaccines they need. This reality relies on maintaining vaccine access and continuing to innovate in this realm. The responsibility is on us all to not only select sustainable ingredients, but to secure supply chains and sources that will not deplete in the future.

The vaccines of tomorrow

The vaccines of tomorrow revolve around, among other factors, sustainable supply chains and access to scalable commercial supplies that do not put undue pressure on the natural environment. It is our responsibility to future-proofed vaccines by focusing on longevity in our processes. With combined global efforts, we can enhance the global health infrastructure, leading us to develop vaccines with continually improving efficacy against more diseases and supporting our preparedness for future outbreaks.

Squalene and QS 21 are two highly-performing components of vaccine adjuvant systems that are currently used in lifesaving vaccines. However, they are both obtained from limited natural sources, leading to a search for more sustainable alternatives.

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Sugar-derived squalene (early 2024)

Introducing our sugar-derived squalene, produced using cutting-edge technology that centres on synthetic biology, our pharmaceutical-grade squalene has superior purity and carries the same squalene benefits as shark-derived squalene.

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Sustainable saponins (2024)

As we look to become more nature positive, we’re proud to be able to offer our next-generation QS 21 and support global sustainability efforts. Our next-generation QS 21 is based on plant tissue culture, which makes the process more efficient and sustainably sourced.

Partnering for sustainable vaccines

Our partnerships with Amyris and BSI will expedite the commercial availability of sustainably sourced squalene and QS 21, and are two examples of putting our commitment, to be Climate, Land, People, and Nature Positive by 2030, into action. Our sustainably sourced solutions are comparable or go beyond their precursors, and offer consistent high purity.  For instance, our sugar-derived squalene uses fermentation to ensure consistently higher purity from a traceable and reliable source. The cutting-edge technology centres on synthetic biology to exceed monograph compliance and fulfil manufacturers' requirements. Meanwhile, our next-generation QS 21 uses a patented R&D platform based on plant tissue culture to offer a scalable, consistent, and more sustainable supply of QS 21.  

Contact us to continue your sustainable journey today!

The recent United Nations summit has stressed the urgency to strengthen global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This affects us all. In the vaccine industry, innovative technologies can enable truly sustainable solutions. We must act now to help develop the next generation of sustainable vaccines.
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Os mais altos padrões de fabricação de adjuvantes

Nosso processo asséptico assegura que possamos fornecer alumínio estéril de acordo com as normas GMP do EudraLex Volume 4. Somos uma das poucas empresas em todo o mundo habilitadas a adotar esse padrão de excelência. Nosso Sistema de Gestão de Qualidade é constantemente aprimorado por meio de métricas estabelecidas.
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Um histórico de apoio às vacinas

Atuando no desenvolvimento de adjuvantes desde 1939, nossos produtos têm sido frequentemente mencionados em inúmeros artigos revisados por especialistas. Nossas capacidades de pesquisa e desenvolvimento evidenciam nosso compromisso em impulsionar o mercado de Drug Delivery Systems e de novos adjuvantes de vacinas, visando combater uma variedade ainda maior de patógenos.
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Comprometidos com o sucesso da sua vacina

Desenvolver e fabricar vacinas é um desafio caro. Nossa equipe de especialistas técnicos está pronta para oferecer suporte na seleção do adjuvante mais adequado às suas necessidades. Utilize nossa expertise para economizar tempo e dinheiro durante esse processo.
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Addressing the challenges of vaccine formulation

Vaccines for a sustainable future