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Nucleic Acid Delivery

We develop and manufacture innovative lipids of unparallel purity to solve the stability and delivery issues associated with nucleic acids for use in vaccines and next generation therapeutics.

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Lipids from concept to commercial

Whatever your requirement our extensive portfolio can meet your needs, we offer both research grade materials and GMP grade lipids for your discovery, clinical and commercial manufacturing requirements. With over 250 years of combined experience Croda Pharma and Avanti Polar Lipids can provide you with an extensive portfolio of phospholipids, PEG lipids, cationic lipids, functionalized lipids, sterols and more. In addition to our GMP product offerings, we have extensive experience in custom lipid manufacturing and a unique, ever-growing research catalogue of over 2000 lipids to make your project a success.

Key applications for our technologies includes non-viral delivery applications such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), lipoplexes and cationic nano-emulsions.

GMP grade lipids for Nucleic Acid Delivery

Lipid supporting services

CDMO cGMP manufacturing

CDMO project management from R&D through to commercialization. Contract manufacturing of proprietary lipid products.

Custom synthesis

Synthesis of research use materials for a variety of applications. Custom synthesis of reference standards or impurities.


Development of a suitable formulation for lipid-based delivery systems. Custom lipid blends for use in delivery or diagnostic applications.

Clinical and commercial lipids

Our Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation can take your proprietary lipid from conceptualisation right through to commercialisation and each phase in between directly paralleling your drug development needs. Services include delivery of feasibility material, engineering material suitable for tox studies, and early clinical material. As clinical trials progress, Croda Pharma’s worldwide manufacturing locations offer options for large scale commercial production. 

In addition to our CDMO manufacturing we have a team of synthetic chemists ready to manufacture and deliver custom research products to make your project a success including custom synthesis of reference standards or impurities. With over 150 years of combined lipid synthesis experience, our team can solve most synthesis problems and deliver custom lipids with Avanti’s signature quality. Please contact our synthesis team at to discuss the amazing things we can do for you.

The Avanti Formulations team offers custom formulation development including nanoparticle,  cargo-loaded, surface-labelled, PEGylated, and fluorescent lipid formulations or custom lipid blends for use in diagnostic or delivery applications. Supporting this we have a wide range of capabilities including High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients handling, lyophilisation, homogenisation, extrusion and solvent injection. 

We offer full support along the development path from the R&D stage to the clinical and commercial stages.  

Expert whitepaper: Lipid technology for delivery of gene-editing therapies

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Your innovative lipids partner

Your innovative lipids partner, Avanti Polar Lipids, Croda Pharma
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Smart science to improve lives™

Seu parceiro de soluções farmacêuticas:

Excipientes de alta pureza: Otimizando a performance de formulações para solucionar problemas relacionados a estabilidade e solubilidade

Adjuvantes de vacinas: Comprometidos com os mais altos padrões de qualidade, com mais de 80 anos de experiência em pesquisa e desenvolvimento de adjuvantes

Lipídios inovadores: Permitindo a entrega e estabilidade de vacinas baseadas em ácido nucleico e tecnologias terapêuticas e de edição genética.

Estamos determinados a impulsionar a próxima geração de Drug Delivery Systems. Ao se associar à Croda Pharma, você contará com uma equipe altamente preparada para atender às demandas mais requisitadas da indústria farmacêutica.

Investing in Nucleic Acid Delivery


Through future extensions to pipeline from our R&D and licensing, new Avanti products to improve lipid nanoparticle delivery systems and new transfection agents for cell and gene therapy


Through formulation services for lipid delivery systems, CDMO services for proprietary lipids and dedicated sales and marketing to accelerate growth strategy.

Global expansion of capacity

Through continued investment across three major manufacturing sites and being backed by the UK and US government co-investment to expand lipid systems capabilities.