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Sustainably sourced squalene: your fermentation-based alternative to shark-derived squalene

Squalene in vaccines has traditionally been derived from shark oil. As the squalene market moves towards more sustainable solutions, we are proud to offer our sugar-derived squalene that is not only sustainably sourced, but also carries the same squalene benefits as shark-derived squalene. Produced using cutting-edge technology that centres on synthetic biology, our pharmaceutical-grade squalene has superior purity, naturally setting it apart on the market. 

Squalene is an organic compound with powerful bioactive properties1. As a naturally occurring oil, squalene-based emulsions have successfully been used in various vaccine adjuvant formulations, such as initiating potent innate and adaptive immune responses2. Together with its established safety records, this has ignited interest in squalene and inspired the search for more sustainable alternatives.

Vaccines for a more sustainable future

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Squalene in vaccines

Squalene in vaccines has primarily been sourced from sharks, and this has contributed to worrying environmental consequences. Oceanic shark populations have dropped by 71.1% from 1970 to 20183. In fact, half of oceanic shark species are now endangered4. Sourcing shark liver oil is furthering this state of peril. Not only is this threatening shark populations, putting pressure on their already long reproductive cycles, but it also means that squalene is in short supply. 

Fermentation based squalene

We’re proud to be able to pave the way for more sustainable solutions to squalene. Our fermentation-based squalene uses yeast isoprenoid pathway engineering, through proprietary technology developed by Amyris. Our purification excellence enables access to a high-purity grade for human and veterinary applications. 

Sustainably sourced squalene

The squalene market is moving towards more sustainable solutions, helping contribute to global efforts to protect the planet

Superior purity

Our squalene stands out on the market. It exceeds the EP monograph requirements and is suitable for use in vaccines

More robust and scalable supply chain

The use of sustainably sourced squalene helps us make progress towards a nature-positive supply chain

Interchangeable ingredient

Plant-derived sources of squalene have been shown to work comparably as an ingredient in adjuvants
Learn more about how you can benefit from the supreme purity of our squalene. Contact us today to start the discussion.
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A history of supporting vaccines

As a key player in adjuvant development since 1939, our adjuvants have consistently been featured in countless peer-reviewed papers. Our leading R&D capabilities demonstrate our determination to advance drug delivery systems and novel vaccine adjuvants to tackle even more pathogens.
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Vaccines for a more sustainable future