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Global experts, Peter Tygesen and Dr. Dennis Christensen invite you to attend our webinar created for the vaccine developers, exploring key challenges faced by formulators in this space and diving into the adjuvant system solutions provided by Croda Pharma, to unlock novel vaccines of the future.


Vaccines for a more sustainable future

Sustainability is a challenge that needs to be at the forefront of R&D for vaccines today. The threat is two-fold: overlooking the importance of prioritising sustainable supplies can affect our access to existing vaccines – through depleted sources and unreliable supply chains – and put future vaccines at risk for decades to come. The time it takes for vaccines to be market-ready means that every delay in developing new sustainable ingredients will lead to significant repercussions for the health of subsequent generations. Failing to act now threatens our vaccine access and technologies – effects that will only truly crystallise after the 10 to 20-year-long development timelines.

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