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The Croda commitment and purpose

We were founded on the principle of using smart science to turn bio-based raw materials into innovative ingredients that help to improve lives. Our Commitment is to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030. Through this, and by being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, we will help provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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As a leading partner for the development of excipients and the supply of high purity materials for pharmaceutical formulations, we are committed to enabling the next generation of drug delivery systems. As a business, we are focused on empowering biologics drug delivery, through our adjuvant systems, small molecule, protein, and nucleic acid delivery platforms. With a wide range of solutions for both human and animal health markets, our pharmaceutical portfolio is unsurpassed in its excellence for drug and vaccine delivery. Our products, along with our in-house formulation and regulatory expertise, allow us to meet our customers most demanding formulation needs.

Driving a sustainable future

As a part of Croda, our purpose is to use Smart science to improve lives™, enabled by our distinctive values-led culture that governs how we work with one another and guides our relationships with all of our partners. We combine our knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to create, make and sell speciality ingredients that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere. 

2030 target

We are committed to being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients.

Reducing emissions

We will reduce carbon emissions aligned to our verified Science Based Target, supporting our customers with their Net Zero goals.

Health and wellbeing

We will contribute to the successful development and commercialisation of 25% of World Health Organization (WHO) listed pipeline vaccines.

People positive

We use our smart science to improve the lives of our own employees and people all around the world. We will contribute to SDG 3, developing ingredients to improve health and wellbeing, provide access to our smart science through our foundation, and encourage and promote diversity within our organisation. We will continue to innovate to increase our positive impact on society.

Driving the pipeline of vaccines for 2024

We are proud to contribute to our target milestone for 2024, which is to ensure our technology will be part of at least 10 clinical phase III trials for at least 25% of the WHO listed pipeline vaccines. Despite the acceleration of the vaccine development cycle driven by the critical requirements to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, the ongoing ‘baseline’ for current clinical trials across the WHO priority diseases is currently in low single figures. For our products to be included in 10 clinical trials during 2024 sets us a significant challenge for the next few years.

Medicine doctor and robotics research and analysis.

How we empower biologics delivery

Enabling breakthrough innovation

Dedicated to developing the next generation of excipients and delivery systems to empower biopharma

Access to specialist formulation support

Enabling over 250 on-going clinical projects targeting a range of therapeutic areas across biologics and small molecules

Focused scientific expertise

Leading the way with specialist knowledge and synthesis expertise in excipients, adjuvants and lipids

The race to beat COVID-19

As COVID-19 surged across the world, our team fought against time to get critical materials ready for the worlds leading vaccines.

Watch the story unfold in our mini documentary.

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