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Parenteral grade plant cholesterol



Now part of Croda Pharma, Avanti supplies pure, plant-based parenteral cholesterol that meets USP-NF, EP (2397), and JP pharmaceutical specifications and is ready to ship worldwide. 

Our parenteral grade plant cholesterol is ready to ship worldwide! Used as a high-purity alternative to traditional egg- and animal-based cholesterol, it is available for R&D work as well as parenteral applications and acts as a stability enhancer and assists in transfection of nucleic acids.

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Research, cGMP, and parenteral cholesterol currently in stock:


We’re committed to developing innovative, lipid-based products that help increase the efficacy of drug-delivery technology and thereby help save and improve people’s lives.


Our plant-based cholesterol is free of the toxins that come with traditional, animal-based cholesterol. Bypass the concerns that arise from animal-based products without sacrificing efficacy

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Committed to quality

Part of Croda Pharma, Avanti was established on the commitment to make high-quality lipids for research purposes and we still stand on that commitment today. 

With over 2,000 unique lipids, antibodies, and lipid research tools, we've come a long way from the singular need for a highly purified egg phosphatidylcholine.

Today, we've supplied lipids that have helped create life-saving medicine like one of the major COVID-19 vaccines. 

When you choose Avanti, you're choosing quality, innovation and experience.

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