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Acquisition of Solus Biotech expands specialised Pharma business in Asia

Croda Foundation, an independent charitable company founded and solely funded by Croda International, was established in 2020 to benefit organisations, projects and communities globally, using Smart science to improve lives™.


Recently, the Foundation announced it had sustainably improved the lives of 22.8 million people –exceeding its 2030 target. For Croda Pharma, we are beyond proud that 22 million of these lives were improved because of Croda’s commercial success in producing lipid-based development systems for the first COVID-19 vaccines.


This success, made possible by the powerful partnership of Croda Pharma and Avanti, resulted in Croda generously donating an additional £2m restricted health grant to the Foundation in 2020. Most notably, a £500,000 grant to British Asian Trust resulted in 22 million people being vaccinated and protected against COVID-19 in the height of India’s second wave. Crucially, these individuals were also given a new or updated digital health record, granting them ongoing access to health services – a sustainable improvement in their lives.


“At the peak of COVID-19’s second wave in May 2021, India was the second-most affected country in the world. Croda Foundation played a critical role in the British Asian Trust’s efforts to support communities in India to recover from the pandemic. Thanks to the generous support, we have vaccinated almost  22million people against a target of 14 million, we have strengthened health infrastructure by training and certifying 18,000 personnel and we have delivered a comprehensive database drive for children’s vaccinations.”

- Richard Hawkes, CEO British Asian Trust

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A further £200,000 was awarded to Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, which gave 95,000 people in 11 priority regions access to COVID-19 vaccines. On top of vaccines, the restricted health grant also helped communities overcome vaccine hesitancy and trained thousands of vaccine personnel.


At Croda Pharma, we envision a future where everyone gets the vaccines they need, which is why we are inspired by the Foundation's achievement. 


Peter Tygesen discusses the commitment to this vision further: "Croda Pharma is dedicated to developing innovative vaccine adjuvant systems. Our latest strategic collaboration agreement with the well-known research organisation AAHI in Seattle is a good example of our commitment. With this collaboration, we will set new standards for making sustainable and affordable vaccine adjuvant systems available."

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child being vaccinated

Croda Foundation announces it has sustainably improved the lives of 22.8 million people – exceeding its 2030 target.

Croda Foundation announces it has sustainably improved the lives of 22.8 million people –exceeding its 2030 target.

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