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Cholesterol: enhancing stability and efficacy in lipid-based drug delivery

Download our latest whitepaper to learn how cholesterol can enhance stability and efficacy in lipid-based drug delivery.

As versatile formulations with a range of administration routes, lipid based drug delivery systems (LBBDS) have gained significant attention in pharmaceutical research. Offering a range of benefits including API solubility and bioavailability, LBBDS can be tailored to meet your formulation requirements. Cholesterol is a key component of LBDDS, providing structural support, in addition to such as benefits such as enhanced gene transfection.

Whitepaper: Cholesterol - enhancing stability and efficacy in lipid-based drug delivery

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Avanti Polar Lipids develops high-purity, polar lipids that are being used as delivery systems for complex therapeutic drugs and in next-generation mRNA vaccines. These are highly specialised lipids used in Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology, with a vast portfolio of phospholipids, cationic lipids, PEG lipids and sterols.

Avanti has a formulations division to develop custom lipid-based drug delivery systems for a range of pharmaceutical applications, with vast expertise on development and scale-up and manufacturing of lipids under cGMP.
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