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DMG PEG 2000

1,2-dimyristoyl-rac-glycero-3-methoxypolyethylene glycol-2000

PEG-modified lipids are typically added to phospholipid vesicles used for drug delivery to provide a steric coating on the surface of the membrane to hinder clearing of the particles by the reticuloendothelial system (RES). This prolongs the circulating plasma half-life of the drug. The plasma half-life of the drug can be "tuned" from several hours to days depending on the size of the PEG and fatty acids attached to the lipid anchor.

PEG lipid formation

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PEG (Polymer) - Lipid Conjugates
Nucleic acid


PEG (Polymer) - Lipid Conjugates

Lipid supporting services

CDMO cGMP manufacturing

CDMO project management from R&D through to commercialization. Contract manufacturing of proprietary lipid products.

Custom synthesis

Synthesis of research use materials for a variety of applications. Custom synthesis of reference standards or impurities.


Development of a suitable formulation for lipid-based delivery systems. Custom lipid blends for use in delivery or diagnostic applications.
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It starts with having the leading lipid technology experts in synthesis and formulation and approaching the discovery process in a collaborative nature, then having the expertise to transfer those learnings into a GMP manufacturing environment to support clinical development. And finally, having the commercial production capability to support launch and commercial supply.

Our full range of services include process chemistry, scale-up manufacturing, supply chain management with analytical and regulatory requirements. Our experienced staff of chemists and lipid analysts are ready to meet your development needs with pre-clinical through phase III and commercial launch, speak to one of our experts today!

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