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Your Protein Delivery partner

With decades of experience in protein delivery, our experts have designed our Super Refined™ range of high purity excipients to ensure optimal protein stabilisation for enhanced biologic drug delivery

We collaborate with you to provide tailored excipient solutions, drawing on our expertise and product portfolio to speed up formulation development and time to market. Enabling drug delivery through a wide range of highly purified excipients to improve protein formulation stability.

Addressing the toughest formulation challenges associated with protein-based therapies  

Our experts have designed our High Purity and Super Refined™ ranges to enable drug delivery through improving protein and formulation stability and address bioprocessing challenges with high purity ancillary materials.

With our range of highly purified excipients, we empower biologics delivery through innovation, formulation, and application

Croda Pharma, your partner of choice for Protein Delivery and high purity excipients

We offer a wide range of high purity excipients, services and solutions, aiding you in the manufacture of: 

  • Antibodies (for example, fragments and conjugates)
  • Blood proteins
  • Cytokines
  • Enzymes
  • Hormones

Offering you safety and assurance with high purity products. 

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Super Refined™ polysorbates for biopharma applications

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Super Refined™ excipients

Our Super refined™ range of excipients ensure your formulations are stable, effective and consistent.

Super Refined™ Excipients

Super Refined™ excipients

Super Refined excipients are stripped of a number of oxidative impurities, such as peroxides, aldehydes, and catalyst residues. The removal of these problematic species helps to reduce negative API & excipient interactions, maintaining both the stability of the drug and the final formulation. In addition, the removal of these impurities can minimise cellular irritation, reduce taste impact, and potentially decrease allergenicity. 

We have a large variety of products, ranging from various polysorbates, polyethylene glycols (PEG), esters, vegetable oils, and more. 

Explore Super Refined™ excipients

Add significant value to your drug formulations today with our Super Refined™ range offering:

icon graphic for api degradation

Minimised API degradation


Reduced oxidation potential

Reduced impurities

Reduced impurities and allergic potential

Super Refined™ Excipients

Minimised API degradation in protein drug delivery

Our Super Refined™ range can provide enhanced API stability.

A chemotherapy drug (docetaxel) was dissolved in both standard grade compendial and Super Refined™ PEG 400 and aged for 12 weeks at 40oC. The samples were analysed by HLPC at 0, 4, 8 and 12 weeks. 

After 12 weeks of accelerated aging the Super Refined™ PEG 400 showed over 90% drug recovery, in comparison to its standard compendial grade counterpart. Our Super Refined™ excipients minimise API degradation, offering you confidence in your formulation and optimising drug delivery. Order your sample today.
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Reduced impurities and allergic potential in protein drug delivery

The Super Refining process results in reduced levels of impurities, such as formaldehyde, in our excipients. The presence of high levels of formaldehyde in excipients has been linked to API degradation, drug instability and cell membrane irritation. 

When compared to its standard compendial grade counterpart Super Refined™ Polysorbate 80 showed an 81% reduction in formaldehyde levels. The improved patient comfort associated with our Super Refined™ range aligns with Croda’s purpose to use smart science to improve lives, speak to our experts today and learn how our Super Refined™ range can work for you.

View some of our Super Refined™ Range:

Super Refined™ PEG 400

Super Refined™ PEG 400

The Super Refined PEG range is a series of Super Refined polyethylene glycols, offering pharmaceutical formulators highly purified hydrophilic excipients that can enhance active and formulation...

Super Refined™ PEG 300

Super Refined™ PEG 300

The Super Refined PEG range is a series of Super Refined polyethylene glycols, offering pharmaceutical formulators highly purified hydrophilic excipients that can enhance active and formulation...

Super Refined™  Polysorbate 80

Super Refined™ Polysorbate 80

Super Refined Polysorbates solubilise and stabilise the most sensitive active ingredients across dosage forms including injectable and oral. Super Refining removes impurities (including primary and...

Super Refined™  Polysorbate 20

Super Refined™ Polysorbate 20

Super Refining removes impurities, preventing adverse interactions with APIs and enhancing the stability of pharmaceutical formulations. Super Refined Polysorbates offer the complete solution when...

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